The Self-Inflicted Delusions Of Australian Shrinks – On Climate Skeptics And Conspiracies

A couple of days ago I wrote a piece about a paper by some Australian shrinks claiming that skeptics are prone to believe conspiracy theories, like the 1969 moonlanding being staged in Hollywood.

But Marc Morano reminds us that there is a small problem with their assertion. Some of America’s most prominent skeptics are former astronauts who actually walked on the moon: Jack Schmitt and Buzz Aldrin. Gee, do you think they believe it was all done in Hollywood, too?

Please read Marc’s piece from 2009.

Oops! Shades of Gore: Joe Romm’s research comes up short: Unknowingly Uses Skeptical NASA Moonwalker Schmitt to Rail on Global Warming Skeptics
By Marc Morano

Former Clinton Administration official and climate fear promoter Joe Romm — followed in the footsteps of former Vice President Al Gore — by linking skeptics of man-made global warming fears to those who believe the 1969 moon landing was staged. (Note: Romm and Climate Depot’s Morano debated global warming in March 2009. See: Morano debates former Clinton Official Romm – April 6, 2009).

The embarrassing problem for Romm is that he — unknowingly — used one of the most prominent global warming skeptics, NASA moonwalker Harrison ‘Jack” Schmitt, in an attempt to “prove” climate skeptics are akin to those who believe the moonlanding was staged.

Schmitt, who flew on the Apollo 17 mission, declared in 2008:

“The ‘global warming scare’ is being used as a political tool to increase government control over American lives, incomes and decision making. It has no place in the Society’s activities.”

But Romm, in his July 20, 2009 article railing on climate skeptics, failed to do basic research on moonwalker Schmitt’s skeptical climate views. Romm approvingly cited Schmitt’s scientific views in an article at Climate Progress that was intending to smear climate skeptics.

Romm asserted: ‘I’m just drawing the painfully straight line from the moon hoax people to the climate hoax people.’ (Romm followed in Gore’s footsteps: See: Moonwalkers Defy Gore: NASA Astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin and Jack Schmitt reject global warming fears: Defy Gore’s Claim That Climate Skeptics Are Akin To Those Who Believe Moon Landing was ‘Staged’ – July 3, 2009).’

Romm approvingly quoted Schmitt rejecting moon landing conspiracy theories.

‘If people decide they’re going to deny the facts of history…(continue reading…)

A final note: Reader Paul Matthews left a comment listing the 8 blogs the Australian shrinks used to get participants in their survey:

Need we say more? Now we really know who belongs on the couch.


7 responses to “The Self-Inflicted Delusions Of Australian Shrinks – On Climate Skeptics And Conspiracies”

  1. Harry Dale Huffman

    With an incompetent climate science, the whole world needs to get on that couch:

    Politics Spreading the Delusion: A Case in Point

  2. Bernd Felsche

    Starting at a warmist blog, tends to, IMHO, preselect those less likely to think rationally and objectively.

    Starting at 8 warmist blogs pretty much ensures that you’ll only get mindless dribblers.

    Lewandoofski is a “cognitive psychologist”. To my mind, that fits the same pattern as e.g. “health department” which deals only with sick people; “traffic management” that obstructs flow of traffic; “homeland security” that systematically causes alarm within the general public.

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  4. lemiere jacques

    well, of course because they KNOW they never walked on the moon…well does the moon really exist? let me be skeptical.

  5. Hengist McStone

    Everybody forgets Charles Duke Apollo 16 . He signed that letter to NASA recently.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle

    Our Stephan is rather entertaining, isn’t he.

    In Jo Nova’s words from the link: “Lewandowsky is a source of much fun on this blog”. Then she goes on to give plenty of quite interesting links. One might even think Prof Lewandowsky has some sort of agenda with the paper you are referring to. How could this ever be?

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