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Reaction From Germany On Watts’s Press Release: “Shocking Development, Could Have Global Relevance”

Share this… Facebook TwitterGerman geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning and chemist Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt react to Anthony Watts’s press release concerning the quality of US temperature data at their blog. Unlike myelf (I expected an unsurvivable nuclear bomb to be dropped), Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt find the implications of the new findings to be potentially devatsting. […]

The Self-Inflicted Delusions Of Australian Shrinks – On Climate Skeptics And Conspiracies

Share this… Facebook TwitterA couple of days ago I wrote a piece about a paper by some Australian shrinks claiming that skeptics are prone to believe conspiracy theories, like the 1969 moonlanding being staged in Hollywood. But Marc Morano reminds us that there is a small problem with their assertion. Some of America’s most prominent […]

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