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Arctic Adds 2000 Cubic Kilometers Of Ice – Despite Reports Of Accelerating Ice Melt

Last week it was reported almost everywhere by the German media that North Atlantic currents were the warmest in 2000 years and melting the Arctic at an unprecedented rate. These media reports were based on a study published in Science. The authors write in the abstract (emphasis added): Here, we present a multidecadal-scale record of ocean temperature […]

CO2 is Cool!

CO2 is Cool!

Ed Caryl has submitted another essay, which indicates that CO2 is not as strong a driver as many would like to have us believe. CO2 is Cool! By Ed Caryl The global warming amount if CO2 doubles has been a bone of contention for the last 30 years. The IPCC has settled on figures in […]

Should Britons Buy Bermuda Shorts Or Long Johns?

Should Britons Buy Bermuda Shorts Or Long Johns?

Matti Vooro presents his latest essay on colder winters in the UK. Matti’s last essay: Signs of strengthening global cooling, drew over 100 reader comments – a record at NoTricksZone. ================================================ Should Britons Buy Bermuda Shorts Or Long Johns? by Matti Vooro Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past. “ That was the headline […]

When An Agenda Overrules Science And Engineering

25 Years Ago Challenger 1986 The story of NASA’s (2nd) worst disaster. There was a “consensus” to launch.   They will never be forgotten.

Britons Stop Believing Global Warming Farce

Britons are finally waking up from that global warming spell cast upon them years earlier. Hat Tip Dirk H What happens when the predictions of mountebanks (my favorite word lately) don’t come true, and the opposite happens? People stop believing. That’s what’s happening now in Great Britain. The online Daily Mail reports today on how the […]

Planet Earth Facing Real Major Threats: Apophis And Yellowstone

The chances are real, and both are threatening the planet Earth. Apophis and Yellowstone have been appearing in the media lately. The chances of a catastrophic event occurring in your lifetime are higher than you may think. Apophis Russian astronomers are predicting that the asteroid Apophis could collide with the planet earth on April 13, […]

Buku petunjuk Sederhana Memainkan Judi Bandarq Paling Mudah

Pada saluran yang indah ini kita akan sedikit berbagi menurut anda seperti apa buku petunjuk bermain judi bandarq yang benar dan aman khususnya untuk anda yang sedang pemula, bermain judi bandarq itu tidak semudah yang anda bayangkan hanya dengan menyembunyikan taruhan maka anda bakal menang begitu saja, terdapat beberapa hal penting yang harus anda pelajari […]

German FOCUS Magazine: Facts Show Planet Much Better Today

How many times has the demise of the planet or humanity been predicted? How many charlatans have passed through the revolving doors of history? You’d need the resources of the Census Bureau to tally that up. A couple of days ago I presented yet another such prediction from a scientist at the Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact […]

Milankovic Cycles and Climate Change

Milankovic Cycles and Climate Change

Milankovic Cycles and Climate Change Is it distance from the sun, or length of summer? By Ed Caryl A draft paper by Dr. James Hansen and Dr. Makiko Sato triggered a rebuttal by Dr. Martin Hertzberg on WUWT. The Hansen paper made a claim that weaker insolation in the Northern Hemisphere (NH) due to distance […]

Warming’s Been Good To Me So Far

Here’s one of my favorites – by Joe Walsh. I’ve added the lyrics to the song – see below. Some warmists tried to tell us yesterday that climate scientists lead humble, low-paid lives. Some probably do, but the ones we are familiar with don’t live bad at all. This is for them.   Warming’s been good to […]

HadCrut shows cooling over the last decade. (WoodFor Trees)

Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research

Awhile back I did a story on Anders Levermann of the über-alarmist Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research (PIK), and reader Arnd B brought my attention to an article called: Our systems are especially vulnerable, which appeared in the online Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) in late December. Hieronymous Bosch paints a scene of a Renaissance mountebank fleecing incredulous gamblers. Levermann […]

Climate Bet Of The Decade - Update 4

Climate Bet Of The Decade – Update 4

Will the new 2011-2020 decade be warmer or cooler than the last one? That’s what we’re betting on (FOR CHARITY). This bet is also known as the Honeycutt Climate Bet for Charity, after Rob Honeycutt who first proposed this bet. You can find the entire background here. First of all Charles Zeller has also pledged […]

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