University College London Professor Of Climatology Mark Maslin Claims Mankind Now Able To Control Climate!

This past weekend I wrote two posts about a recent two-part German ZDF Television documentary on climate change and its impact on the development of human history: here and here.


Image Mark Maslin, cropped from ZDF

At the very end of Part 2, the otherwise excellent German public television documentary abruptly descends into sheer lunacy in claiming that the globe has “strongly heated up” recently and that it is now wresting with “global warming” – and to drive the point home, it inserts an amazing comment by University College London Climatology Professor Mark Maslin at the 42:27 mark (translated from the German voice-over):

We are now at the point where we can decide how the climate of the future will look. When we as a collective world community, all nations working together, are able to really prevent global warming, that would be fantastic. That would be the first time that the climate doesn’t control us, but rather us controlling it. We could make sure that all future generations will have a stable climate.”

Maslin clearly suggests humans collectively have the power to override the global natural climate factors and to tame and steer the world’s climate in any desired direction, and to do so for “all future generations”.

Throughout previous 88 minutes the documentary looked at earlier climate changes that were greater than those experienced today and attributed them to natural factors such as solar activity, volcanoes and ocean dynamics. These natural climate change events included the “very rapid changes in climate” during the last ice age, the end of the last ice age, the 8.2 kiloyear event, the green Sahara, ancient Egyptian warm period, the Roman warm period, and the Little Ice Age.

Strangely, according to the documentary, the sun as a climate driver in the past seem to have just disappeared since 1250 AD. Now we are supposed to believe that humans took control of the climate some 100 years ago.

Physicist: “blatant silliness”

Luxemburg physicist Francis Massen also reacts sharply to Maslin’s bold claim at his website:

This is blatant silliness, probably forced upon the professor to include at least a sentence seen to be politically correct and Zeitgeist aware. This last conclusion is the more silly, as all previous examples clearly have shown that the changes of the climate were not caused by human activity. And today, never mind our technological achievements, we are still unable to change the tilt of the axis of the globe, modify solar activity or put a lid on volcanoes to avoid their eruptions.”

Indeed. In fact governments aren’t even able to control their runaway spending and deficits, let alone the world’s temperature and climate.


21 responses to “University College London Professor Of Climatology Mark Maslin Claims Mankind Now Able To Control Climate!”

  1. ilma

    The fatal flaw with Maslin’s theory is not that humans can control the climate, but that the world’s nations can work together collectively. This has never ever happened in history, and will never ever happen in the future. Even the continued failure of every intergovernmental climate conference demonstrates that.

  2. John Silver


    Throw the megalomaniac in the loony bin.

  3. Blayne Millington

    There are about 200 countries in the UN, none of whom seem capable of even managing their own economies. A national economy is a much simpler system and better understood than the global climate. The notion that all these countries, with their disparate interests, are going to come together and “manage” the complex and poorly understood climate system is ludicrous.

  4. BobW in NC

    Re: Mark Maslin…”You have GOT to be kidding me!!!” Is this guy saying that we could prevent another 100,000-year plus Ice Age? Or another Carboniferous Era? This guy is from the planet Zulu.

  5. Colorado Wellington

    ”When we as a collective world community, all nations working together, are able to really prevent global warming, that would be fantastic.”

    What a wishy washy nonsense. That’s not how things are done. Maslin is an ignorant petit bourgeois nitwit. The Party must lead and decree! Nothing can stop the properly directed forces of the proletariat, peasants and revolutionary intelligentsia:

    ”We’ll command the wind and the rain,
    when it is to rain and when it is to blow …”

  6. Werner Kohl

    I looked at that documentary in ZDF and it was obvious at once that this ending didn’t fit to the whole story. That documentary showed how bad cold periods were and how beneficial warm periods. A few minutes before that statement we could see the harmful effects of the Little Ice Age.

    I’m sure that this ending was included for political correctness. Otherwise this documentary may never have been broadcasted?

  7. Loodt Pretorius

    And for this next trick he will part the waters of the oceans, making the Channel tunnel obsolete.

  8. Frederick Colbourne

    What I don’t understand is why the Pope is supporting this kind of nonsense instead of condemning it as blasphemy. His predecessors recognized that these kind of claims arise from the new Pantheism.

    The ancient Greeks had a name for it, hubris, meaning extreme pride or self-confidence. When it offended the gods of ancient Greece, it was usually punished, by Nemesis, by which the punishment was made to fit the crime.

    The punishment for moderns will be that they will go down in history as having espoused these absurdities. Or completely forgotten.

    1. DirkH

      Vatican owns all of Spain, and who knows how much of Italy, and makes a fortune with wind turbines.

  9. ScienceABC123

    Would one of you Climate Scientists please identify, specifically, what observable conditions would falsify AGW? Seriously, I want to know.

    1. DirkH

      “what observable conditions would falsify AGW? ”

      Lacking hotspot in the troposphere.

      1. ScienceABC123

        “Lacking hotspot in the troposphere.” that’s an interesting idea for determining AGW. How far back do your records for the troposphere go? I think that’s a pretty brief record, climatologically speaking.

        1. Ed Caryl

          And that’s the problem! Accurate records of all the factors that go into climate change do not exist for enough time to falsify either view in a final manner. But on one side we have “CO2 is causing catastrophic climate change!”, when it has done no such thing, and on the other we have multiple examples of climate changing in extreme ways when CO2 didn’t change at all.

        2. DirkH

          Sciency, the models require the hotspot.
          The debate happened years ago.
          Should have been easily observable by comparing weather balloon measuremnts from the 60ies to now.

          Already refuted.
          Go on believing in the lie, or start accepting that the climate models are expensive junk.

          Your choice.

  10. M E Wood

    Professor Mark Maslins comments are translated from a German translation of what he said in English.
    He appears in this translation to make great play with ‘would’ and ‘could’ Has an ‘if’ been lost in translation?
    He may think that ‘if’ we could work together ‘then’ the results would be able to change the climate in some unspecified way.
    I suspect the translation from English to the German voice- over is at fault

  11. Gus

    Mark Maslin is not a physicist and his grasp of physics involved in atmospheric phenomena is miniscule. His comments on humanity getting together and changing climate are Sy-Fy. Apart from the obvious fact that humanity is unlikely to get together on this or any other issue, I don’t even think that humanity *should* get together, if it is to be run by the likes of Mark Maslin.

    1. DirkH

      Everything’s possible if you believe in it hard enough!
      You can be anything that you want! A boy, a girl, a half-boy-half-girl…

  12. Mervyn

    This man is no professor… he’s delusional!

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