Roger Helmer On Climate Protection: “Probably Unnecessary…Certainly Ineffectual…Ruinously Expensive”

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2 responses to “Roger Helmer On Climate Protection: “Probably Unnecessary…Certainly Ineffectual…Ruinously Expensive””

  1. Mike Heath

    One of the strongest evidences of temperature causing increases in CO2 referred to in the video, and famously misrepresented by Gore, is based on ice cores. However, I wonder if it is realistic to be able to date these cores beyond a few hundred or a few thousand years. Perhaps the deeper it goes, the more compressed the layers are until finally the layers disappear. I wonder how robust these figures really are. At least, it is as though the Warmists don’t believe their own data.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Read what Dr Zbigniew Jaworowski had to say in e.g. CO2: The Greatest Scientific Scandal of Our Time

      The notion of low pre-industrial CO2 atmospheric level, based on such poor knowledge, became a widely accepted Holy Grail of climate warming models. The modelers ignored the evidence from direct measurements of CO2 in atmospheric air indicating that in 19th century its average concentration was 335 ppmv.

      What one can determine from the ice cores is that CO2 levels rose after temperature increased, consistent with Henry’s Law. That’s why we only got a glimpse at the Gore charts because even when he was on the stage with his stunt-mobile, the 800-year lag between temperature rising and CO2 following, was already known. Camera angles, cuts and animations hid the actual inconvenient truth.

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