European Commission Reflection Paper Puts “Climate Change” Near Bottom Of List Of Concerns!

If one were to rate the investment made by governments globally aimed at creating concern for a potential problem, then the huge investment in climate change fear by now would definitely have to be rated as “junk” quality.

Never has so much seen so little return.

Hundreds of billions have been invested so far with the aim of generating mass fear, and by now we would think the global public should be in a state of panic. That’s the least one would expect from such a massive investment in fostering fear.

But it turns out that climate change remains very low on the list of concerns that citizens have.

List of concerns for European citizens

Earlier this year, the European Commission presented a White Paper on the future of Europe. A series of reflection papers covering key topics for the future of the European Union with 27 Member States have been published subsequently.

The European Commission Reflection Paper on the Future of European Defence (2025) is the fourth in that series and it outlines the main trends and challenges that will shape the future of our security and defence and on this basis, sets out options in three different scenarios for moving towards a Security and Defence Union. While not mutually exclusive, these scenarios are underpinned by different levels of ambition for the EU in doing things together in security and defence.

Strengthening the protection and security of European citizens is part of the Juncker Commission priorities.

In the Reflection Paper is Figure 3, which happens to list what European citizens are most concerned about:

Figure 3 of the Reflection Paper on the Future of European Defence. Source: Eurobarometer

Climate, environment dead last

Not surprisingly, Europeans are most concerned about immigration and terrorism, followed by economic issues. In the last two place we find climate change and the environment respectively. These two issues have run dead last over the past 5 years.

In fact, citizens are even more concerned about the EU’s (waning) influence in the world. Obviously people are collectively not buying into the climate alarmism hoax.

18 responses to “European Commission Reflection Paper Puts “Climate Change” Near Bottom Of List Of Concerns!”

  1. Reasonable Skeptic

    What I find interesting is that employment issues were big a few years ago, and when life is good, it makes sense that this is the priority. This has been replaced by issues that barely registered even 3 years ago.

    People are starting to get concerned that their culture and values are being threatened.

    1. MIG

      I bet unemployment concern is near the top in Greece (22%), Spain (18%), and Italy (11%).

    2. Pete

      Good comment and I agree wholeheartedly. The irony is that the bad economic situation Europe is in now is the consequence of climate mitigating policies, which of course are doing no good the planet while devastating our economies.

  2. SebastianH

    Hundreds of billions have been invested so far with the aim of generating mass fear, and by now we would think the global public should be in a state of panic. That’s the least one would expect from such a massive investment in fostering fear.

    Is that really how you see it? The money was spent on generating fear for a changing climate? No wonder you think it is not effective …

    1. Bitter&twisted

      Well they certainly fooled you!

    2. Pete

      So you must be one of those 6% who are conned so easily

  3. Don B

    Immigration and terrorism are the top two concerns. Do you suppose they are related?

    1. Bitter&twisted


    2. wert

      Only partly. But what is interesting is that the great majority of the main stream media pushes climate change onto agendum (there is only one item on the agenda) and at the same time tries to convince immigration and terrorism are something only xenophobiacs worry about.

      So despite the very broad and militant MSM front, the people keeps being stupid and does not buy the cAGW scare.

      There is some hope!

      In the end of the day, I believe the cAGW scare will end sooner than one feels now. Say ten years from now, and papers.. no, web sites start to make stories on the laughable James Hansen who said the Arctic is gonna tip, Gore who said Greenland is gonna melt, Mann who said the temps will skyrocket, Obama who wanted to skyrocket the electricity prices. We’re gonna laugh at Cook the 97% guy, and see through the Moon Hoax paper.

      On the other hand, climate change and even anthropogenic global warming can happen for good – we’re just not scared, including the main stream media.

      1. SebastianH

        Or … you guys will continue to deny reality even when it turns out that the year 2030 or 2040 is way warmer than 2017 and nothing of your wishful thinking (“everything is a hoax, we are good”) turned out to be what you thought it be 😉

        It’s kind of bad that the only way to convince you is waiting and even then chances are little that you’ll accept reality (see skeptic’s/denialist’s claims 10 years ago … when is that new ice age finally starting again?).

    3. yonason

      Nope. No Correlation at all. I don’t know where the little people get those silly ideas. //s//

  4. John F. Hultquist

    There have been 2 major categories of expenses:
    A.: Using “global warming” to promote UN/government control of society and redistribution of wealth. Included are the costs of the big parties in exotic locations — see COP1, COP2, … COPn.
    B.: Using other people’s money (OPM), also called taxes, and sometimes “investments” (thus was it written) to foster growth in alternative means of saving the planet from CO2.

    “A” and “B” feed on each other but are not the same.

    1. Bitter&twisted

      What “growth”?
      With about a 1:1 energy output to energy input, compared to 15:1, minimum, for fossil sunshine (coal, gas and oil), unreliables are energy “neutral”, providing nothing of use to society.

      1. SebastianH

        You really believe that Feroni crap (or wherever you got that from)?

  5. tom0mason

    I wonder what the ‘climate scientists™’ will make of the large warm area of sea that is showing a (never seen before in 30 years of record) temperature anomaly stretching from Greenland over to Scandinavia.

    I wonder what’s caused that?

    1. yonason

      That may be the only one that’s close to being “real,” based on satellite data for September (as seen in the video below). But a lot of the rest, like the warm blob in the Pacific, is just NOAA fantasy.

      But your anomaly gif is for October, so who knows. But even if they get one anomaly correct, that doesn’t mean I trust them with any of the others, especially with all they’ve gotten wrong, and ALWAYS un-scientifically biased to very excessive warming.

      1. tom0mason

        I concur with your opinions on this. The La Niña looks very obvious, and it is very late in forming. However by next month they’ll probably have ENSO slip back a degree or so and give a vague ‘neutral’.

        That warm blob is very unusual though rechecking with some older reconstructions and there has been nothing like it at this time of year for 40 years (mildly warm in the 1960s).

  6. Paul Homewood

    I’m amused that EU feels able to say that the poll shows most people “would like to see “more Europe” in security and defence”.

    The poll shows nothing of the sort – it says people want less immigration, and, by extension,less terrorism

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