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NoTricksZone Goes Green

NoTricksZone Goes Green

Share this… Facebook TwitterAlthough under normal conditions it makes no economic or scientific sense to install solar panels way up here at 53° north latitude in somber northern Germany, generous subsidies make it risk-free. So either you jump through the hoop and take the money, or you pay through the nose. I have to make a […]

The Great Green German Solar Depression – Green Revolution Brings Massive Layoffs

Share this… Facebook TwitterWarmist site Klimaretter (Climate Rescuer) here brings us the news that yet another German solar company is going under, and with it taking down hundreds of “future” jobs. We should note that like the solar industry, the warmist movement is also hurting financially. For example, Klimaretter is now begging its readers for […]

European Big Brother: CarbonSat Surveillance Satellite Aims “To Hunt Down Climate Violators” GLOBALLY By 2017!

Share this… Facebook TwitterOne of the big problems with emissions reduction treaties like Kyoto is how to enforce them. Sure countries can pledge to make cuts, but how can you be sure they won’t cheat? It turns out that Europe is working on that. German warmist website CO2 Handel here tells us how Europe intends to […]

Veteran Meteorologist Klaus-Eckart Puls: "99% Of Antarctica Is Cooling - PIK Obsessed With Catastrophe"

Veteran Meteorologist Klaus-Eckart Puls: “99% Of Antarctica Is Cooling – PIK Obsessed With Catastrophe”

Share this… Facebook Twitter Veteran meteorologist Klaus-Eckart Puls at the European Institute For Climate and Energy (EIKE) presents an analysis of Antarctica. ================================== Climate Panic Orchestra Now Playing In Antarctica by Klaus Eckart Puls (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) Now that we are at the Antarctic late summer and autumn (February-April), extensive calving of the ice sheets […]

More Reconstructions Show Climate Is Natural (And That IPCC Climate Models Are Rubbish)

Share this… Facebook TwitterDie kalte Sonne website, which is now one of Germany’s most widely read and respected climate science sites, presents two more articles on temperature reconstructions below. The reconstructions are just the latest in a long, growing series of temperature reconstructions globally. They all have two things in common: 1) almost all show wide […]

Max Planck Institute Director Admits "Physical Causes Unclear...Models Inconsistent With Observations"!

Max Planck Institute Director Admits “Physical Causes Unclear…Models Inconsistent With Observations”!

Share this… Facebook TwitterMore cracks like never before are appearing in Germany’s climate alarmism. Not long ago global warming science was considered settled here. So much so that climate protection has long since been institutionalized. Now it’s all starting to look like a very expensive mistake. The threat of a spectacular crumble is becoming real. […]

Major Face Palm! New Satellite Measurements Show HIMALAYAN GLACIERS ARE GROWING!

Share this… Facebook TwitterGerman flagship news magazine Der Spiegel reports here on new satellite measurements of Himalayan glaciers. Not long ago IPCC scientists, among them Prof. Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber and train engineer Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, claimed with grave tones that the Himalayan glaciers would disappear by 2030. Hat-tip: a NTZ reader. That, among other errors, fantasies […]

Veteran German Meteorologist: “Nature Journal Has Become A Comic Book”…Climate Modeling A Playground

Share this… Facebook TwitterThere has been a rash of dubious papers published lately. Many of us suspect that the IPCC is desperate for science that can serve to prop up the ailing global warming science of its upcoming 5th assessment report. The most recent include papers by Jeremy Shakun et al, who attempt to put […]

Dramatic Sea Ice Increase!  Why So Many "Dramatic Drops", But Never "Dramatic Rises"?

Dramatic Sea Ice Increase! Why So Many “Dramatic Drops”, But Never “Dramatic Rises”?

Share this… Facebook TwitterStrange how often we keep hearing headlines of “dramatic drops”, but never hear headlines of “dramatic rises”. With all the “dramatic drops” we’ve witnessed over the years, you’d think we would be ice-free by now. But we aren’t – global sea ice levels are back up to normal. There’s only one explanation for […]

Vahrenholt & Lüning On Shakun: “Desperate Attempt To Salvage Beloved CO2-Catastrophe Model”

Share this… Facebook Twitter Best-selling authors Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt and geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning comment on Shakun’s recent “Nature” paper at their site. One of the most hotly disputed points in the climate debate is CO2 climate sensitivity. The warmists would like to have everyone believe that CO2 is the primary climate driver in the climate system. […]

Hansen Shocks - Adjusts Antarctica Rothera Station Record...Changes Warming Trend To Cooling!

Hansen Shocks – Adjusts Antarctica Rothera Station Record…Changes Warming Trend To Cooling!

Share this… Facebook TwitterThat’s not a misprint. This is what reader Ed Caryl has discovered in his following essay. I’m as shocked as you Ed. ============================================ Temperatures at the Larson Ice Shelf – Rothera Station By Ed Caryl This is a follow-up on the “It’s The Claim “Antarctica Is Warming” That Is Disintegrating – And Not […]

Envisat Now Space Junk? “Contact To Satellite Suddenly Interrupted” Since Sunday

Share this… Facebook TwitterThere’s a lot of commotion about Envisat and it’s sea level measurements, which suddenly showed a mysterious surge, contradicting earlier measurements. Well, the German CO2 Handel here now reports that Envisat has stopped sending data. “Contact With Environmental Satellite Interrupted“. There’s apparently has been a malfunction. CO2 Handel writes: Europe’s largest Earth […]

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