‘The Neglected Sun’ Knocks Michael Mann’s ‘Climate Wars’ Off Number 1 Position At Amazon!

The Amazon bestseller list for climatology books has a new leader: Fritz Vahrenholt’s and Sebastian Lüning’s ‘The Neglected Sun’ … a Spiegel bestseller last year in Europe known as the Die kalte Sonne.

Amazon Bestseller

Step aside Dr. Mann. Make way for real science.

At least the readers aren’t neglecting the sun.

Bill McKitten’s book has dropped to number 5. Obviously people are tiring of all the pessimistic doomsday obsessionists.


2 responses to “‘The Neglected Sun’ Knocks Michael Mann’s ‘Climate Wars’ Off Number 1 Position At Amazon!”

  1. DirkH

    O/T n-tv is on a roll; tries to become Catastrophist’s Finest.

    Global Warming unstoppable; Africa and Asia hardest hit!
    Notice the end of the article:
    “Welche Auswirkungen die Klimaveränderungen haben, damit beschäftigten sich die Autoren des ersten Teils des Berichts nicht. Das wird Aufgabe der zweiten Arbeitsgruppe sein, die ihre Ergebnisse im kommenden Frühjahr in Japan vorstellt.”

    “What consequences climate change will have is not the area of the authors of the first part of the report. This will be the task of working group 2, which will present its results next Spring.”

    (Idiots. You shouldn’t tell the audience that the summary is ready before the summarized parts are done.)

  2. Loodt Pretorius

    This article refers to the rebel colony;-)

    In the UK the Neglected Sun is also on the bestseller list of Amazon.co.uk, (No1) outselling Prof Dr Brian Cox, BBC science popstar and very ardent AGW supporter.


    Well done.

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