For Science AR5 SPM Is A Rank Obscenity … Weeks-Long Tsunami Of Criticism Over IPCC Report On The Way

I’ve been going over and compiling the German reaction to the IPCC’s Summary Report for Policymakers, which tries to dismiss 15 years of global temperature stagnation and the fact that all its models have been wrong. There’s much to sort through.

If what I’ve seen so far is anything to go by, then from IPCC critics expect nothing less than an international tsunami of criticism and rebuttal in the days, weeks, and months ahead. The summary report itself is a disgrace.

Just one example reaction comes from the Baseler Zeitiung, which I wrote about in my last post.  The Baseler Zeitung commentary by its editor-in-chief Markus Somm is just a taste of what is coming from a large number of German scientists, journalists and leading skeptics.

IPCC AR5 SPM is a rank obscenity

In general these critics can’t believe that science could be so blind, flawed, and ideological. When it comes to science and the responsibilities therein, AR5 SPM is nothing short of a rank obscenity, and so it must be confronted accordingly.

In the days ahead NoTricksZone will be sorting through all the German reaction and bringing you reports about it. There’s no sense in blowing all the powder at once, even though it looks as if there’s going to be an infinite supply of it.

Stay tuned!


14 responses to “For Science AR5 SPM Is A Rank Obscenity … Weeks-Long Tsunami Of Criticism Over IPCC Report On The Way”

  1. Mindert Eiting

    In the Netherlands the Volkskrant (p. 3) was triumphant last Saturday. AGW was now more sure than ever, warming was inevitable, etc. The article is as far below journalistic standards as the report is below scientific standards. This may show what the report does for the faithful. Probably, we need Festinger to understand this process. I’m looking forward to your survey into our eastern neighbours.

    1. DirkH

      All major EU newspapers are controlled by the Bilderbergers; maybe they have the order to be alarmist-catastrophist until Nov 2013 / COP19 in Warsaw. For the moment I see only unquestioning obedience in all German media.

      1. Casper


        I’m from Warsaw. On 11th November there will be very hot there, because we’ll be celebrating our National Independence Day. The riots may be not excluded:

        Here some links:

        1. DirkH

          Hmm… will be interesting to see how the Eurocracy will react when their beloved climate shindig is besieged by Polish nationalists… for all the world to see… maybe a police crackdown on the nationalist movement, like on Golden Dawn in Greece. Maybe before Nov 11. Some fabricated accusations and arrests.

          The 3rd world tinpot dictators at COP19 will understand that and feel right at home.

          1. Casper
        2. DirkH

          A warm welcome for the world’s warmists! How appropriate!

  2. Kurt in Switzerland


    It actually is the Basler Zeitung (you had the spelling right in the previous article).

    Kurt in Switzerland

  3. Kurt in Switzerland

    I’m looking forward to the editorial cartoons from publications which dare to challenge IPCC leadership.

    Kurt in Switzerland

  4. BobW in NC

    Here in the U.S., Diane Sawyer (ABC) on Friday night news gushed over the AR5 report. Videos of parched soil and dried, harvested corn stalks were background for 100-point fonts of claims that human activity was now clearly responsible for climate change, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    It. Was. Disgusting.

    1. BobW in NC

      Look forward to the tsunami, Pierre!

  5. G. Watkins

    Dirk H on the button as usual. Population control is the aim of Big money.
    Heartening, however, is the complete lack of coverage of the IPCC report in the Sunday Telegraph and Times apart from two inside pages critical reviews.
    Bishop Hill carries a story about a UK Met Office ‘scientist’ who states that the relationship between CO2 and global temperature is LINEAR.
    Even allowing for water vapour feedback, this statement by a government employee is ludicrous and possibly actionable in law.
    The tide is turning!

  6. DirkH

    O/T FAZ (a nominally conservative paper) throws more dirt at the AfD.
    Do they fear re-elections? Obviously some precautionary agitprop.

  7. PeterY

    Quote: “It is virtually certain that the upper ocean (0−700 m) warmed from 1971 to 2010”. (IPCC SPM)

    There is a problem with that quote. We can only rely on the ocean data since mid 2003 when the Argo buoy network became operational. It uses over 3,000 floating thermometers spread throughout the world’s oceans. Before 2003 researchers had to use erratic and highly *uncertain* measurements from boats.

    The Argo data is unique for several reasons :- 1/. The distribution of data is uniform rather than dependant on shipping lines. .. 2/. There is a lack of seasonal bias since the floats operate year round. .. 3/. The network provides free, automatic data within 24 hours, and scientific data within months. .. 4/. There is multi-national collaboration to deploy, monitor and analyze the floats and their data. (

    Therefore, the data can only be “virtually certain” since mid 2003. .. Perhaps the full IPCC report will clarify their methods and reasoning.

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