Russia: No Climate Deal in 2010

A new international agreement to replace the Kyoto environmental protocol will not be signed in 2010, the Russian presidential advisor on climate change has said. Read more:

On April 16, Russian President Medvedev said:

All countries, including developed and developing economies, should reach an agreement, or, if we do not agree on this [the common terms of carbon emissions reduction], Russia will not prolong its participation in the Kyoto agreement – you cannot have it both ways.

2 responses to “Russia: No Climate Deal in 2010”

  1. Brian H

    I think you’d have to be really, really sure that CO2 was dangerous and that a Protocol would be effective to take on the kinds of costs and damages that would result. I seriously doubt that there are many leaders who are really that sure. And there are at best big holes in the bucket, and lots of thin spots that would blow out under the lightest pressure.

    Doomed, thank God!

  2. Brian H

    Here’s a fantastic new analysis of the IPCC claims and data:

    Predicts a temp anomaly peak of 0.8°C around 2060 followed by another 30 yr. decline. No deviations from long, long-term trend lines with 60-yr. sinusoidal overlay cycle.

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