German Scientists Claim To Have Predicted 2023 El Niño – After It Occurred!

German scientists find it’s possible to predict the past with high certainty!

Klimanachricten here reports that physicists from Giessen and Potsdam (Germany) published a paper explaining how they had developed a method for the early prediction of El Niño events. One of the authors is Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber, the former director of the climate-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK).

According to the press release:

‘We can now correctly predict the type of an upcoming El Niño with a probability of 86 percent,’ says Josef Ludescher, first author of the study and former PhD student of Armin Bunde. ‘This means that if we obtain a forecast from our climate network at the end of the year that an El Niño is on its way and our new method indicates a Central Pacific El Nino, then we can already give some all-clear for the coming fall and winter.'”

The press release adds:

Using our method, we had already predicted this year’s East Pacific El Niño in December 2022.”

But as Klmanachrichten points out, why hadn’t the researchers published that forecast in 2022? Publishing predictions when the event has already taken place is easy!

The answer is likely because the Ludescher/Bunde/Schellnhuber group had unpleasant personal reasons for withholding their forecast. Back on November 4, 2019, they had already made an embarrassing false prediction when the PIK published a press release on the same topic. It stated: “there will probably be another ‘El Niño’ by the end of 2020.” That prediction turned out wrong.

In 2019 press release, the authors boasted of a “groundbreaking early forecast based on a novel algorithm” and PIK director Schellnhuber claimed the probability of an El Niño’ coming in 2020 was “around 80 percent”.

That forecast flopped totally. At the end of 2020, there was not the predicted El Niño, but rather a La Niña.

So it’s no surprise that the authors refused to make their 2022 prediction public. Only after the El Niño actually appeared in 2023 did they come out and publicly claim to have predicted it a year earlier.

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