Tokyo Says “Sayonara” To Warmer Winters…40-Year JMA Trend Shows COOLING!

Tokyo winters have in fact cooled (slightly) over the past 4 decades…

Charts by Kirye

The December 1 to February 29 meteorological winter ended and the latest data for the mean winter temperature are available for Tokyo and its island Hachijō-jima.

Looking at the mean DJF winter temperature trend for Tokyo going back 39 years using the untampered data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), we see a surprising trend: NO WARMING!

Data source: JMA

Moreover, the average of the last 10 years have been colder than the two preceding ten-year periods.

Rural Pacific island Hachijō-jima: no warming in 75 years!

Next we look at the latest mean winter temperature trend of the rural Tokyo island of Hachijō-jima, located in the Pacific – some 287 kilometers south of Tokyo – where there is relatively little temperature data corruptive concrete and asphalt like we have in Tokyo:

Data source: JMA

Winter mean temperatures on this Pacific island haven’t risen in over 75 years, this according to the meticulously collected and tabulated data from the JMA.

We can suspect the news is also similar at other locations across the northern hemisphere, if you don’t look at data that’s been tampered with by NASA.

Of course, few argue that the surface of the globe as a whole hasn’t warmed over the past decades, and that man hasn’t played a role. One thing is 99.99% certain: there is no “climate crisis” – just lots of junk-grade, foul science behind the ridiculous claim.

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