“A Thing Where Every Part Of Your Life Just Confirms What It Is That You Want To Believe”

Psychology of zealots, dogmatists and radicals in a nutshell

Videos on near-death experiences (NDEs) are posted everywhere. Just how many are for real and how many are click-baiting, made-up stories is impossible to tell.

But I feel the following one is genuine, and offers wisdom for everyone on opposite sides of hot-button issues:

What the man says, especially at about the 4.00 mark, ought to be heeded by everyone.

At 4:38, he nails it when it comes to how zealots and fanatics think:

The outliers don’t matter at all. It’s just the narrative – everything that supports the narrative is the only thing I could see. So, it becomes a thing where every part of your life just confirms what it is that you want to believe. You don’t feel there’s anyway you could be wrong about it.”

We see this everywhere nowadays: emotionally charged fanatics let themselves get consumed by hatred and allowed their minds to get poisoned. It’s impossible to reason with them. All you can do is discreetly drop bits of enlightenment here and there, and then hope someday they will moderate. Anything else is just a waste of time.

And, in the heated debate over controversial issues, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you let others get under your skin, take control of you, and hijack your emotions. It’s your choice. We shouldn’t need a near-death experience to understand this.

In the context of the huge picture of eternity. some dickheads in this short little life of ours are not worth getting all wound up about. Serenity begins from within.

4 responses to ““A Thing Where Every Part Of Your Life Just Confirms What It Is That You Want To Believe””

  1. oebele bruinsma

    ” Serenity begins from within”: a treasure to read and understand:


  2. Jimmy Walter

    A team of researchers from City University and University College London — both in the United Kingdom — and Virginia Tech Carilion in Ronake, and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL, questioned what, exactly, happens in the brain that makes people unlikely to change their opinions.
    Confirmation bias at work
    ‘Brains fail to encode’ opposing views
    “Opinions of others are especially susceptible to the confirmation bias, perhaps because they are relatively easy to dismiss as subjective,” senior author Prof. Tali Sharot also notes.

    “Because humans make the vast majority of decisions — including professional, personal, political and purchase decisions — based on information received from others, the identified bias in using the strength of others’ opinions is likely to have a profound effect on human behavior,” she points out.

  3. A Thing Where Every Part Of Your Life Just Confirms What It Is That You Want To Believe - Climate- Science.press

    […] From NoTricksZone […]

  4. soundos

    thanks for all info

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