Citizens Mock Hysterical “The Weather Channel” Reporter!

h/t: Dirk H

Note how the reporter is upset about people going out in the storm when he himself is outside right smack in it. Then again, the winds are only 50 mph (and not the 500 mph the media was telling us yesterday :)).

I noticed the report is from “The Weather Channel”. Isn’t that Heidi Cullen’s warmist outfit?

19 responses to “Citizens Mock Hysterical “The Weather Channel” Reporter!”

  1. DirkH

    It’s worse than we thought. Reporters are in danger of being hit by small, flying, wooden objects. Video report from the dangerous frontlines of storm reporting.

    1. mindert eiting

      Thanks for the video link. As far as I could see, they had there typical Dutch weather.

  2. biggreenlie

    This is getting good….Gore has gone nuts……….calls “deniers” Racists……… reporters getting harassed by young “informed” people………………………is this what the last gasp of eco-whackos looks like?……..hope so because it’s fun!

    1. mindert eiting
  3. Ulrich Elkmann

    Backpedaling media: as of 19:16 (Middle European Summer Time), Welt Online features an eyewitness report from Hannes Stein (but then again, this being him, he might be unfazed by anything): “Wie New York den “Monstersturm” überlebte
    … Am Ende war es dann doch ein bisschen viel Panik und ‘Schietwedder'”: “How New York survived the ‘monster storm’ – In the end, it was a bit much of panicking and ‘bad weather'”.

  4. Ulrich Elkmann

    Looking at the video: is there no TV equivalent of the Golden Raspberry Award – maybe a “Comical Ali Prize”? This guy would be a good contender. (But then, he does not really sound hysterical, just inexperienced – more likely someone back home in the studio had whispered in his ear: “Since we don’t have tremendous images, play it up for all it’s worth”, and he picked the wrong spot for the camera. They were obviously hoping for something like this:

    1. Joe

      You know… mooning a camera crew has really become a lost art.

  5. Ulrich Elkmann

    A longer version, with music:

  6. DirkH

    Eric goes viral.

    Youtube starts blocking it because of “inappropriate content”.

  7. Bernd Felsche

    Hmmm… Media reports reminiscent of

    (h/t to WUWT)

  8. Beano

    Poor old MSM. It must be depressing for them that their hyped up disasters just don’t happen.

    Don’t you feel sorry for them?

  9. Ulrich Elkmann

    The video many have “inappropriate content”, but how else are you going to prove to the world that Americans do NOT crap their pants when the weather acts up just a bit? (In contrast, Germans need only a rumor of Something Bad to indulge in that collectively).
    Well, we all knew “those Yankees” are able to wreck everything, even the apocalypse. Over here, we manage things according to plan. It’s now official, according to the DWD: this summer has been too warm – and too sunny (so far at least):

  10. Joe

    I saw it. I was in a bar. The clapping, hooting and hollering was hilarious.

  11. papertiger

    My favorite part, the girl who logged the video giggling at the end because she couldn’t hold it in any longer.
    But it was excellent all together.

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