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Solar panels in Texas. (Photo: US government)

Green Solar Jobs In Germany Fail To Materialize – German Greens On Perry

Two short reports today… 1) Solar jobs in Germany overstated The idea was to shift from dirty fossil and dangerous nuclear fuel power generation over to clean, climate-friendly renewable energy, and thus create thousands of new green jobs that would usher in the German Green Revolution and so make Germany a model for the rest of […]

Meteorologist Blasts “Horoscope” Longterm Forecasts – Over 100 Sign “Hamburg Declaration On Long-Term Prognoses”

UPDATE 8/20: For whatever reason, Frank Abel has completely taken down his post. Most likely it did not amuse some particular persons. ==================================We all know that seasonal forecasts looking 90 days or so into the future are not easy to make and have considerable uncertainty. But that hasn’t kept some bold meteorologists from going out and […]

More Perry On “Climate Change”

And he used to be a supporter of Al Gore! h/t: Huffington Post

Bleeding money. (Photo credit: US Government photo - from Wikipedia)

German Solar Module Companies Taking a Bath In Red Ink – Production To Move To Asia

That means start kissing German green jobs good bye. Yet another Soviet-style propped up industry begins to bite the dust. According to here, rising raw material prices on the purchasing side, falling prices on the sales side, falling market demand, and reduced subsidies are spelling big trouble for the once booming German solar industry. Solarworld, […]

Is Our Climate Really More Extreme? Lots Of “Weird Weather” – In 1971!

Is our climate becoming more extreme? By Paul Homewood There has been much discussion recently about “Climate Disruption” or “Global Weirding”. John Holdren has talked about “increases in floods, wildfires, droughts, heat waves and hurricanes” while Rajendra Pachauri says: “Based on observation, we know that there will be more floods, more drought, more heat waves […]

EIKE: "IPCC And DWD Playing Around With Tricked Data"

EIKE: “IPCC And DWD Playing Around With Tricked Data”

The Germany-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE)has a piece called: First The IPCC and Now The DWD: Tricked Series With Alleged Warming After the Year 2000. The piece alleges that both the IPCC and the German Weather Service (DWD) are playing it loose with temperature data sets to produce the illusion of global warming for the […]

Climate Of Intimidation – “Under Deniers”

In a piece titled Under Deniers, science publicist Dirk Maxeiner writes about how dissent over any politically touchy topic in Germany is increasingly being suppressed lately: by applying the label “Leugner” (denier). Especially when one considers what Germany went through during its history, I find it appalling that a person’s right to speak up and to exercise […]

“Phoney Mess”…The Guardian Targets Rick Perry

“Rick Perry to delight climate sceptics by running for president Texas Governor Rick Perry’s bid for the Republican expected nomination has cheered climate sceptics who share his view that global warming is a ‘phony mess’,”… read more here Well, now we know who the front-runner is right now. BUT EVEN BETTER: Michele Bachmann!

Capital Flight From Green Investments - "Innovation In The Energy Sector Could Slip Into A Major Crisis"

Capital Flight From Green Investments – “Innovation In The Energy Sector Could Slip Into A Major Crisis”

With another financial crisis flaring up, the green energy sector this time is taking a hit. This is being reported today in the German language Technology Review here. Hat-tip: reader Jean No wonder Al Gore blew a fuse a few days back. With this news and the Chicago Climate Exchange shutting down, the poor bloke […]

Eduardo Zorita: Don’t Fall In Love With Your Models And Lose Sight Of Observations!

Here I don’t mean models like Claudia Schiffer.Hans von Storch’s blog Klimazwiebel here brings up an interview by the University of Hamburg with climate scientist Eduardo Zorita, whose insights I always appreciate. The interview is well worth reading. The following are two parts that stand out for me (emphasis added): Klimazwiebel: What would be your advice for […]

Hiding The Sea Level Decline

Hiding The Sea Level Decline

Portuguese skeptic website Ecotretas sent me the following story about rising sea levels awhile back. Seems the more sea level rise slows down, the more the alarmists claim it is accelerating (Sorry about the poor visual quality of graphics). More hiding the decline by Ecotretas The University of Colorado has done it again! Despite the […]

German DWD Forecasts More Barbecue Summers For Germany (After 2050)

In a press release here, the German Weather Service, DWD, announces the release of its so-called interactive Climate Atlas, which projects what the German climate will be like up to the year 2100. They’ve got some real prophets over there.Needless to say, the climatically correct DWD’s Climate Atlas projects many barbecue summers in the decades ahead […]

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