More Perry On “Climate Change”

And he used to be a supporter of Al Gore!

h/t: Huffington Post

8 responses to “More Perry On “Climate Change””

  1. Ulrich Elkmann

    “…a supporter of Al Gore”: In the 1988 campaign. These are marriages of convenience, not of true minds: “We will all hang together, or we will all be hung separately”. Back then, “bs” Gore had not even invented the Internets…

    1. ArndB

      AL Gore was an early fan of CO2, and even found it in the Arctic.
      Excerpt from:
      <<<<<Al Gore had paid the North Pole a visit by submarine before becoming Vice President of the U.S.A: "We were crashing through that ice, surfacing, and I was standing in an eerily beautiful snowscape, windswept, and sparkling white, with the horizon defined by little hummocks, or 'pressure ridges' of ice that are pushed up like tiny mountains ranges when separate sheets collide. But here too, CO2 levels are rising just as rapidly, …As the polar air warms, the ice here will thin; and since the polar cap plays such a crucial role in the world's weather system, the consequences of a thinning cap could be disastrous" (Al Gore, 1992).
      Al Gore's North Pole visit took place about 1990. <<<<<

  2. DirkH

    Soros has given Hansen 700,000 USD via OSI.

    This could explain why Hansen keeps fiddling with past temperature data. Perry is right.

    From 2009:
    “A group of investors, including George Soros, has funneled $50 million into Powerspan, a company that devises ways to remove carbon dioxide from coal plant emissions.”

    Obviously, billionaire investors have decided that manipulating public opinion via corrupt scientists is a cheap way to feast on taxpayer money.

    1. DirkH

      And once again: Where is the outcry from the Left? Are they so dense that they still not realize that they’ve been had?

      1. Edward

        No need for an answer to that:>)

  3. Ed Caryl

    The liberal press was all over this story. I saw it this morning on page 2 of the El Paso Times, written by a Los Angeles Times reporter. She used the usual means of casting doubt on Perry’s words by prefacing them with “without citing his sources…” and “Without citing specific examples…”. The last third of the article was devoted to refuting Perry.
    You can read the article here:

  4. R. de Haan

    Rick Perry and Agenda 21

    This guy has changed his views and politics quicker than a kameleon

    I don’t trust him.

  5. R. de Haan

    But who cares about fiddling scientist when Aliens and sharks have become the new threat?

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