“Phoney Mess”…The Guardian Targets Rick Perry

“Rick Perry to delight climate sceptics by running for president

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s bid for the Republican expected nomination has cheered climate sceptics who share his view that global warming is a ‘phony mess’,”… read more here

Well, now we know who the front-runner is right now.

BUT EVEN BETTER: Michele Bachmann!

11 responses to ““Phoney Mess”…The Guardian Targets Rick Perry”

  1. Rossa

    I would reserve judgement on this. I picked up on an American blog I read that he has been seen at the last Bilderberg conference as was BO before he was the annointed one.

  2. Edward

    Excellent news PG.

    If the graun’ aka Watermelon/commie rag, hates it, all the better.

    Vote Rick Perry! [Wish we had some sort of choice, Realist V alarmist = everybody in the UK political ‘elite’…………… here in the UK].

    Hmm, but the EU tells our lot what to do, roll on the death of the euro.

  3. Paul

    Worryingly he has his feet in both camps. Investing in renewables with T-Bone and developing carbon capture technology as well as other “renewables” such as biofuel and wind. I think you may well find him speaking from both sides of his mouth according to whichever constituent he sees as a potential voter.
    Reminds me of Boris Johnson who poo-poohed global warming until his election as mayor of London where he now does all he can to combat climate change.
    Remember he’s a politician folks. Do not trust.

  4. Carl

    If he didn’t rely so much on the death penalty, religion and a bunch of other moronic stuff he would have been someone to like. His prayer rally, however, made him look like a dud in my eyes. I don’t care if his thinks man made global warming is a sham, which it is, if I were an american I wouldn’t vote for anyone.

    1. John F. Hultquist

      “. . . if I were an american I wouldn’t vote for anyone. ”

      I live in Washington State. In 2008 Obama received 57.65% of the vote.
      I voted for myself. It seemed un-American, not voting for anyone.

  5. kuhnkat

    Vote Rick Perry and help usher Sharia into your neighborhood, state, and country!!


  6. kuhnkat

    Did I mention that anyone who EVER supported Al “the Inconvenient Moron” Gore for president really should be under sedation and psychiatric observation?

  7. R. de Haan

    With all due respect but I don’t trust the guy.

  8. R. de Haan

    Rick Perry was a member of the Democratic Party and the Campaign Manager of Al Gore.
    Perry is a Globalist representing the banks. Only the fact that he’s provides verbal support to the skeptics doesn’t tell anything about his policies as a future President.

    His past however does.

    Just check out this guy and know what you’re voting for.

    The upcoming elections in the US are crucial and Obama must voted out of office.

    But we don’t make any progress if the new President continues the policies of the past. Perry is going to do just that.

    1. Joe

      So, what you’re saying is that instead of taking the man on his word and record, that we should be checking under our beds for the “Illuminati” or something?

  9. geek news

    Well it won’t take much digging to find out that Perry is a Governor Texans have wished to ouster for quite some time. In 2006 his re-election bid succeeded with Lower than 50% from the vote. He supported his buddy Kinky Friedman to assist split the anti-Perry vote and Texas coyly doesn’t believe in RUNOFF elections making this type of sleezy reelection against the will of individuals and popular vote possible ONLY IN TEXAS. There’s are many reasons TEXAS remains dead last in numerous achievement categories and Rick Perry is among the biggest reasons. I used to be really shocked he’d even try a run for President as well as moreso shocked he’d tout his long tenure as Gov given how he quietly snuk within the mystery with less than 50% of the vote in 06. Those who are illegitimate power holders maybe ought not tout their prowess in cheating the machine.

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