Greenpeace Copenhagen Gatecrashers Convicted – Fret They Are Being Persecuted

Here’s something you won’t find in the MSM, but thanks to NoTricksZone, a few of us out there will hear about it. (Just imagine if they had been tea-partiers).It’s official: Some of Greenpeace’s members have found guilty. Eleven activists from Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States were found guilty today in Denmark of falsifying documents and number plates, this according to here. They were sentenced to 14 days suspended prison terms.

On 17 December, 2009, the head of Greenpeace Spain Juan Lopez de Uralde and Norwegian Nora Christiansen crashed the Danish parliament’s security and unfurled a banner with the words: “Politicians Talk, Leaders ACT”.

Yet, the impatient radical activists ought to be happy with the judgement, as they got off easy. writes:

In its ruling, the court explained the low sentences by “the character of the circumstances on the one hand, and on the other, the fact that the transgressions were part of a peaceful political happening with the goal of causing debate,” pointing out that “no particular serious rights were infringed upon.”

The goal of causing debate? Right. The last things these kooks want is debate. These are dogmatists who are incapable of listening to other opinions, they deny contradictory data,  and demand that their views of the world be enacted as law immediately. Democracy for them is a just a bothersome obstacle. Luckily democracy is still keeping these loons in check.

Feeling unappreciated and peeved, the planet-saving López de Uralde added:

We were treated almost like terrorists.”

The court also found the Greenpeace Nordic wing guilty of organising the demonstration and fined the group  $15,000.

Of course don’t expect them to be repentant now that they’ve been slapped on the wrist. They believe their actions were justified. Just listen to former Juan López de Uralde, as quoted recently by the leftwing online German Tageszeitung (TAZ) here:

The whole process was completely over the top. and a bit surreal. The worst is: Although the most recent data on climate change are alarming and emissions have increased since the failed summit in Copenhagen, rising 5% just last year, massive action is being taken against activists. There’s a huge and obvious contradiction between the will to take on climate change and the persecution of activists.”

8 responses to “Greenpeace Copenhagen Gatecrashers Convicted – Fret They Are Being Persecuted”

  1. Ed Caryl

    “almost like terrorists”… That is amazing. They really don’t understand that their actions are indistingishable from those of terrorists. About the only thing they don’t do is suicide bombings. (Getting run over by a whaling ship is as close as they have come.)

  2. Ulrich Elkmann

    “There’s a huge and obvious contradiction between the will to take on climate change and the persecution of activists”: indeed – leaving the “activists” off with basically a token slap on the fingers (and fines that will be shelled out by their organizations) while spending countless billions of dollars and euros annually on unworkable “solutions” to a problem that does not exist. In the same way de Uralde may be right about being treated “just like terrorists”: Having your personal data checked, spending 5 – 6 hours while the Leviathan (think Hobbes, not Arno Schmidt) is doing so, and being fined when the courts finally get around to their job: yes, that is the way terrorists are treated in Europe.

  3. Pascvaks

    I really believe that these dedicated souls would make a bigger impact in Europe by taking a page from Eastern Philosophy. In the East, when someone wishes to make the ultimate statement, they generally tend to sit peacefully in the middle of a street or in front of a grand building, a safe distance away from everyone, and light a match. In the East the effect is truly frightening and everyone carries the sight of it with them for the rest of their lives. In the West, people who wish to make great statements seem to mistakenly think that killing many others is dramatic. It is not. It is so much more dramatic to see a single person give everything he has than to take everything from those who are the poor, innocent victims of hate and insanity. The zealots in the Middle East could also learn much from Buddism.

  4. DirkH

    I am convinced that these acts by Greenpeace are always coordinated in advance with the secret services; otherwise it is inexplicable why they manage to get to centre stage in the first place.

    Greenpeace and the other NGOs are paid by the EU commission to lobby the EU for the policies the commission has already decided.

    So, complaining about this slap on the wrist is part of the comedy as well. Greenpeace will always get carte blanche because they are part of the authorities. (We have seen that with the IPCC report on renewable energy as well)

    1. Edward

      It’s all part of the show, Greenpeace, WWF = ‘common purpose’ and all inextricably linked to the EU + Connie Hedegaard [European Commissioner for ‘Climate Action’ – a nutter], no if or buts.

      It’s a play, it’s also: very sinister AGW advocacy.

  5. Joe

    Only in needy firmament of the EUtopian leftist mind would somebody compare a 14 day suspended prison sentance as being “treated like a terrorist”.

    This is why I like to call them TERROIRists.

  6. mwhite

    “Greenpeace Sues Chris Huhne For Ignoring Fukishima Nuclear Lessons”

    “Greenpeace said it sued the U.K. and Energy Secretary Chris Huhne in London for “unlawfully” ignoring the Fukushima nuclear disaster in planning new reactors.”

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