Walter Russell Mead Calls The Green Jobs Initiative “Bogus – An Embarassing Mess”

I’ve been writing lately on the folly that is the Green Economy, citing a number of examples here in Germany, read here for example.

Walter Russel Mead at The American Interest has a must read on how the once much ballyhooed Green Jobs Initiative stands in the USA today. It isn’t pretty.

Feeding The Masses On Unicorn Ribs

by Walter Russell Mead

Besides healing the planet and returning the rising seas to their natural beds, then-Senator Obama promised that his administration would create beautiful green jobs: well paid, stable, abundant jobs, unionized, with full benefits and making the earth healthier and the American people richer. As President, he stayed on message: even after the truther-enabling “green jobs czar” Van Jones left the administration, green jobs have been one of the President’s signature policies for putting the American people back to work. Continue reading here…

Some excerpts from Mead’s article:

Obama promised to create 5 million green jobs within ten years.”


…New York Times has also figured it out that the administration’s green jobs initiative is an embarrassing mess.”


What worries me is that they didn’t understand that making something this bogus a central plank of his actual governing plan on an issue as vital as jobs would have serious costs down the road. Many liberals want green jobs to exist so badly that they don’t fully grasp how otherworldly and ineffectual this advocacy makes the President look to unemployed meat packers and truck drivers.”

Read the entire article for more.

3 responses to “Walter Russell Mead Calls The Green Jobs Initiative “Bogus – An Embarassing Mess””

  1. Paddy

    Obama could create 1 million within 12 months if he called off the EPA and turned the oil and gas companies loose for exploration and development throughout the nation. He won’t.

  2. DirkH

    But, hasn’t he created many a paper-pusher’s labor in the process? We would see that in a rise of the state sector.

    QED. Obama’s The One.

    1. DirkH

      I know. That one only goes to 2009. But here’s one including 2010.

      48%; gunning for 50!

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