Solar Follies

Here’s a look at the future of the green movement.

Multi-purpose solar panels! Grows biofuel crops too! Patent pending! No risk – profits guaranteed 20 years!
Get yours today while generous government subsidies last!

Solar panel field near Markranstaedt, Germany. Photo taken by Prof. Knut Löschke on June 26, 2011. Source:

When the sun doesn’t shine, like in the above photo (which is often the case in gray Germany) you can simply pluck the biofuel crops off the panel and chuck them into your no-risk, government-subsidised home biogas plant! This is tomorrow’s energy – organized by leading climate-rescue masterminds.

Now why does this remind me of the Soviet Union and central planning economy?


8 responses to “Solar Follies”

  1. Harry Dale Huffman

    Yes, the real enemy is weeds (not just a lazy groundskeeper/owner); I’ve always known this day would come. All those years of weeding, for nothing. We’re doomed (without our solar panels)…

    “Weed out the Greens”, how’s that for a rallying cry?

  2. Per Strandberg

    What ”green energy” installations need maintenance?
    Who have thought of that? Couldn’t figure that out myself, have you?
    The greenies haven’t thought of that or maybe it is from this that all those wonderful new green jobs would come from.

  3. Adolf Goreing

    Remember DDR? The communist version of nazi-germany. Germany is ruled by former east-germans now. (Merkel et al). That explains most things, also the ongoing march of eco-fascism. If Adolf was alive today, I bet he would go for the “green” movement.

  4. Nonoy Oplas

    this is getting more weird, Pierre.

  5. business

    July 5 2010 in The laundry list of sustainable biofuel crops just keeps getting longer and longer thanks to new research that shows how to break down the hard cell walls of woody non-food plants like . Now itself to cut down on waste and practically eliminate the use of harsh chemicals.In just a few short years the biofuel industry has done a great job of digging itself out from under the misguided but what else would you expect? national policy of the past administration which focused on corn and other food crops. The rapid development of more sustainable biofuel crops and processes is clear evidence that the era of high-risk fossil fuel harvesting could come quickly and thankfully to a close with help from that supports biofuels along with solar wind and other low risk methods of harvesting energy.

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    […] German solar skeptic website SOLARKRITIK.DE here provides the background on the rundown, weed-covered solar facility in former communist (and now “green”) East Germany, which I presented in my last post here. […]

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    […] German solar skeptic website SOLARKRITIK.DE here provides the background on the rundown, weed-covered solar facility in former communist (and now “green”) East Germany, which I presented in my last post here. […]

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