Michael Mann Now Running Around “With A Gallon of White-Out”!

Here’s a must read on the latest developments of the increasingly disgraced Michael Mann, winner co-contributor to the 2007 Nobel Peace Price.

Excerpt from Mann’s (erroneous) legal complaint against National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute. Source: http://legaltimes.typepad.com/files/michael-mann-complaint.pdf

National Review here now writes Mann has a lot of corrections to make:

But, behind the scenes, a lot of quiet airbrushing of the record seems to be going on. Two days ago, his Penn State bio said he had been “co-awarded” the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, now merely that he “contributed… to the award” (whatever that means). Over at Wikipedia, they’re arguing over ever more unwieldy rewrites. Editing an inaccurate legal complaint is trickier but by now someone may have snuck into the DC court clerk’s office with a gallon of White-Out and amended “defamation of a Nobel prize recipient” to “defamation of a man who received one of two thousand photocopies of a commemorative thank-you certificate run off at the IPCC branch of Kinko’s”.

Read the whole story at the above mentioned link. Personally I like the title of the story :).

For European readers who may not know, Kinko’s is a famous chain of copy shops in the USA and “White-Out” in Germany is known as Tippex.


5 responses to “Michael Mann Now Running Around “With A Gallon of White-Out”!”

  1. John F. Hultquist

    Those of a certain age will understand your title with the term ‘White-Out’ and then the later reference to ‘Kinko’s’ but the younger set may be in a quandary.
    The former took a big hit when ink-jet printers replaced typewriters in offices and that company was bought by BIC and is sold as Bic Wite-Out (no ‘h’) in multiple niche markets. Still, I haven’t seen it in years. As for Kinko’s:
    “FedEx acquired Kinko’s in February 2004. Two months later, Kinko’s was rebranded as FedEx Kinko’s Office and Print Services.

    In June 2008, the operating company changed its name to FedEx Office to better reflect its service and product offerings.”


    About the situation, though, I can only express sadness that science is being trashed by the folks in support of Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming (also defined as “climate change” by the UN). What a waste of resources this has been. The people of the world face real problems. Further, my guess is that Mann’s actions are all to be paid for in one manner or another by taxpayers. He ought to shut up and spend his time reading.

  2. Nonoy Oplas

    Pierre, the Arctic gust in northern US (worsened by a “superstorm” down south in the East Coast), this is related to the cooling breeze/gust that will affect Europe, right? Over here in the tropics, heavy rains from a strong typhoon that exited the Philippines yesterday has killed at least two dozen people. The thick clouds are still with us today.

  3. Pethefin

    Hopefully someone takes a deeper look at this Nobel trickery since this is what tabloid science is made of: misleading the public with false credentials and politicized interpretation of scientifc studies. A number of members of the Team have mislead the public to belive that the IPCC was awarded Nobel Peace Prize for their science. That is incorrect since the peace prized has nothing to do with science and all about politics since the Norwegian committee consist of politicians, not scientists, and therefore can not evaluate eventual science connected to the prize awarded work for promotion of peace. It is truly pathetic and discraceful that scientist who are unanble to achieve scientific discovery worthy of a true Nobel Prize within natural sciences use the fully unscientic Nobel Peace Prize to disguise themselves as “Nobel Prize winning scientists”. I don’t think this is an honest mistake, rather this done on purpose, otherwise the tabloid scientists are even more incompetent that I imagined. That the media has not called them out on this Nobel celebrity-trickery is a perfect example of the profound lack of quality and ethics in journalism today:


    This kind of “journalism” is what keeps tabloid science alive.

  4. sunsettommy

    The best part is that climate skeptics with their websites exposed Dr. Mann while the egg sucking sycophant media does nothing.

    1. DirkH

      It becomes their standard posture. Curl up in a fetal position and pretend nothing happens.

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