RealClimate Scientist Stefan Rahmstorf Joins OWS, Noam Chomsky In Agreeing There’s A “Scant Chance Of Survival”

This year’s Elevate Festival is now taking place in Graz, Austria from (24 – 28 October) and features a program of discussions, lectures and screenings designed to bring attention to social, environmental and political issues.

Rahmstorf joins Occupy Wall Street, Noam Chomsky and eco-genocide lawyer Polly Higgins at this year’s Elevate Festival. (Photo source: University of Copenhagen, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic, via Wikipedia)

Among this year’s participants: eco-genocide attorney Polly Higgins (UK), Jacob Appelbaum (US), Occupy Wall Street (US), Mark Stevenson (UK), and many more. There was also a video message by Noam Chomsky. Needless to say, this pow-wow is way out in the fringes.

This year the motto is: “Elevate the Apocalypse?”

According to Austrian public broadcasting network ORF, Real Climate blog contributor Stefan Rahmstorf also participated in the first day of “Elevate the Apocalypse?”

In a piece titled Elevate 2012 Opens With End Of World Mood, the ORF writes that “the world looks bad, real bad, also without its apocalyptic crackpots” who believe the Earth has got less than 2 more months to go, and that “the situation is hopeless”.

Why all the doom and gloom from this group of “enlightened progressive thinkers”. Well in Europe being convinced the end of the planet is imminent is enlightened and progressive thinking.

The ORF writes:

The emotional downer was delivered by superstar Noam Chomsky. Via video he reported on what he reads daily in the newspaper. And that is worrisome. The polar ice caps are melting, climate change is being denied by a few people, but is still unstoppable. He estimates the chances of surviving are scant.

Climate scientist Stefan Rahmstorf did not refute these bleak outlooks. Concerning all the ‘It’s not all that bad”-studies’, he thinks the media reporting comes down to about 5 seriously senseless studies. Again and again they are gladly financed by the coal lobby.”

Such stunning progressive thinking, wouldn’t you say? RealClimate science now joins Occupy Wall Street and Noam Chomsky.

Rahmstorf was then followed by an equally hopelessly kooky activist, British “attorney for the planet” Polly Higgins, who, according to ORF, “has the aim of getting the UN to recognize eco-genocide as a “crime against Peace”.

The ORF writes:

The opponents are ultimately large corporations and a not so small number of governments. (…) By 2020 Higgins wants to end the eco-genocide and calls for everyone to join in.”

Dear opposing governments (85% of all countries), skeptics and non-alarmists, get ready to be lynched in a few years time should these fringe radicals get their way.


6 responses to “RealClimate Scientist Stefan Rahmstorf Joins OWS, Noam Chomsky In Agreeing There’s A “Scant Chance Of Survival””

  1. DirkH

    Recently somebody brought up Chomsky as a great thinker, I dismissed that, arguing that Chomsky once defended the Khmer Rouge. So that guy brought up this newer essay by Chomsky
    in which Chomsky lectures about the crazy manifesto of Joe Stack, the guy who flew his plane into an IRS building, killing himself and one office worker. Needless to say, Chomsky thinks the manifesto is deep wisdom.
    Chomsky, your reliable academia lunatic since the beginning of time…

  2. DirkH

    First time in decades we have snow cover in Germany in October.
    (Warmist) DWD says: Occurs only every 30 to 40 years.
    In some places, first time ever since measurement devices installed.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      An earlier article linked in the side-bar:

      German rail chief Rüdiger Grube warns of “bottlenecks” in winter rail services in Northrhine-Westpahlia (population around 17 million) due to anticipated electricity shortages as a result of shutting down the coal-fired power station at Datteln in December. Millions are expected to have their commutes disrupted.

      Enjoy the “Energiewende”. Or is that “Energieabwende”?

      I don’t know. My German is not very good.

      1. Bernd Felsche

        P.S. I hate pytos

  3. John Silver

    Chomskys lingvistik theory about language recursion have been disproved also.
    He is more demon than man.

    1. DirkH

      Well, his language hierarchy was useful for compiler builders. The only thing he ever did that found a use – but not in his own field but in computer science. He should have shut up after that.

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