Mike’s Nobel Trick Spreads…NoTricksZone First Nobel Peace Prize Climate Blog – Joins Drs. Mann & Trenberth

European Union (EU) As a resident, taxpayer and contributor to the European Union, I am truly humbled and deeply honoured as one of the first Nobel Peace Prize climate websites.

As most of you know, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee in Oslo recently announced its decision to award it to the EU. That makes NoTricksZone one of the first Nobel Prize climate websites.

As you will all recall, the Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to Al Gore and the IPCC in 2007. IPCC scientists, such as Drs. Michael E. Mann and Kevin Trenberth, are therefore “laureates”, at least that’s what some of the world’s leading climate authorities claim.

Excerpt from Dr. Trenberth’s CV. Hat/tip: climatedepot.com/.

So in the future, NoTricksZone expects to be treated with utmost respect. Don’t you dare challenge what it says.

I’ll sue if you do!


10 responses to “Mike’s Nobel Trick Spreads…NoTricksZone First Nobel Peace Prize Climate Blog – Joins Drs. Mann & Trenberth”

  1. John Silver

    You need to stick a piece of paper in your window, before I believe you.

  2. DirkH

    Congratulations to me and Pierre.

  3. Ed Caryl

    Matti and I want pins too.

  4. thebiggreenlie

    All anti-GW blogs should win awards for “Fighting to Protect Democracy”!

  5. Robin

    Great to NZ at the top of the list, as far back as 1968. Congratulations to us down under!

  6. Robin

    Oops. Great to see NZ at the …

  7. John DeFayette, Nobel Laureate

    It just feels so natural, all this contributing to world peace over here. Eat your hearts out, Americans. And forget the silly pins and medals–when do I get my check?

  8. John DeFayette, Nobel Laureate (shared)

    Sorry, I was being selfish. My signature should look like this one, following Dr. Trenberth’s lead.

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