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German Windpark Operator Rakes In $3 Million For Power That Was Never Produced

Germany’s energy feed-in act forces power companies to buy up green electricity from wind and solar producers at exhorbitant prices and guarantees the green energy producers fat profits. Windparks are paid even power that doesn’t get delivered. (Photo by: Philip May.  GNU-Lizenz für freie Dokumentation,) But what happens when the sun shines and the wind blows too […]

Insane NYU Professor Proposes Medical Experiments On Children To Make Humans Suitable For The Planet

COMMENTARY Many of you by now are aware of the notorious, creepy 3.5-minute video of NYU modern-eugenics-nutjob S. Matthew Liao made by a Huffington Post correspondent, see below. H/t: Tom Nelson. In the video, the psychopathic professor resurrects the darkest science of our past and proposes a series of methods for altering humans so that they fulfil the […]

Winter Getting Set For An Early Onslaught Across Central Europe And Scandinavia, Simulations Show

Winter Getting Set For An Early Onslaught Across Central Europe And Scandinavia, Simulations Show

To European readers, don’t let the warm balmy weather we are now getting fool you. This is just evil Mother Nature luring us into a trap. She is about to slam us with a cold blast. Frosty temperature forecast for Germany for 29 Oct 2012. Source: The 15-day weather simulations are beginning to converge […]

Obama Really Rocks! Gotta Love Them Green Government Jobs!

Just watch the video. I smell a landslide coming in November. That’s about how it was back in the old communist East Germany days, wasn’t it? And here’s a list of more, just for the record.  

‘The Local’: Munich RE “Profiteering From Climate Change Scare Stories Based On Quasi Scientific Reports”

Germany’s English-language online news site The Local here also features Spiegel’s report on weather extreme hype by reinsurer Munich RE. Munich RE has no proof, scientists claim.  Fears based on quasi science. (Graphic source: http://en.wikipedia/Munich_Re The local writes: Scientists decry insurer’s extreme weather claims  German insurance companies stand accused of putting the wind up American […]

Spiegel Slams Munich RE: Distortions Of Weather Extremes Are “Suspicious” And “Irresponsible Hype”

Climate-change bilking by Big Insurance is slowly but surely being exposed by the media. The noose around the climate change scam is tightening. Reinsurers are cashing in by spreading dubious fears of weather extremes. Photo source: Tomas Castelazo, GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version. Spiegel reporter Axel Bojanowski has a piece today […]

George W. Bush Was Right About Global Warming Non-Consensus 12 Years Ago. 2010 Being Hottest Year Refuted!

Surely most readers here can remember the furious reaction of environmentalists, media, and alarmist scientists when George W. Bush refused to sign on to the Kyoto Treaty in 2001. He was immediately labelled the dumbest man on the planet when it came to climate science for that refusal. Later, a good part of Al Gore’s […]

Lüning/Vahrenholt Comment On HadCRUT's 16 Years Of No Warming: "Tough Times Ahead For Climate Science"

Lüning/Vahrenholt Comment On HadCRUT’s 16 Years Of No Warming: “Tough Times Ahead For Climate Science”

Although the silence that has spread over the mainstream media and “climate community” has been deafening, skeptic blogs on the other hand have been stepping in earnestly to inform the public on what the climate is really doing.  The blogosphere has been ablaze over the last few days. In Germany the media has been dead silent […]

German Die Zeit Calls 2°C Limit "The Great Self-Deception...Climate Policy An illusion" - Says 4°C Rise Is Unavoidable

German Die Zeit Calls 2°C Limit “The Great Self-Deception…Climate Policy An illusion” – Says 4°C Rise Is Unavoidable

There’s no longer any hope of adequately curbing CO2 emissions and preventing run-away global warming, writes Die Zeit weekly here. The hopelessly deep-in-despair German weekly has given up all hope and has resigned itself to the world as we know it coming to an end. Human society has failed. The IPCC and goverments are in self-deception says […]

Medieval Warm Period Was Not “Just A Local Phenomenon” – Study Also Finds It In South America

Dr. Sebastian Lüning’s and Prof Fritz Vahrenholt’s website has an article today. Photo source Marturius / License:Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported ============================ No North Atlantic Phenomenon: Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age Found in the Andes (Translated from the German by P Gosselin) The Little Ice Age and the Medieval Warm Period […]

State Department Too Busy Spending Money On “Green Programs And Chevy Volts” Than To Bother With Security!

It you still don’t believe that the current adminstration is incompetent and is completely clueless about the planet’s reality, then read the following FOX NEWS report. They were more concerned with providing a fictional security fix against the fantasy threat of climate change than they were against the real threat of terrorism. Fox News writes: The […]

Record Cold Grips New South Wales, Australia…Canberra Sees Coldest October In 40 Years!

To our friends down under, especially those in New South Wales, I ask how do you like global warming now? Are you all frying to death from the cold? A thing of the past returns to the present. A winter blast pounds Canberra. Graphic source Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, Martyman at the […]

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