‘The Local’: Munich RE “Profiteering From Climate Change Scare Stories Based On Quasi Scientific Reports”

Germany’s English-language online news site The Local here also features Spiegel’s report on weather extreme hype by reinsurer Munich RE.

Munich RE has no proof, scientists claim.  Fears based on quasi science. (Graphic source: http://en.wikipedia/Munich_Re

The local writes:

Scientists decry insurer’s extreme weather claims 

German insurance companies stand accused of putting the wind up American policy holders and profiteering from climate change scare stories based on their own quasi-scientific reports Der Spiegel reported on Thursday.

[…] scientists are furious, saying the insurance company has no proof to support the claim. “Most [of the study] doesn’t make sense, and it contradicts observations,” atmosphere researcher Clifford Mass from University of Washington in Seattle told the magazine.

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The PIK and Munich RE working hand-in-hand

Readers may ask just where is Munich RE getting it’s “science”? Well, here’s one report it used in the past…written by Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Science in the service of Big Bilkers scaring clients.

Warren Buffet and the Munich RE

According to Wikipedia, last year Munich RE equity amounted to €23.0 billion. The group’s premium income for the year (gross premiums written) was €45.5 billion, with its consolidated profit amounting to €2.430 billion. In February 2010, U.S. investor Warren Buffett became Munich Re’s largest single shareholder with 10.2 percent of the company.

Munich RE even approved using the WTC attack to spread climate fear

Just look at the following video (in German) at the 5:20 mark. Munich RE managing director Thomas Loster uses terror attacks to promote climate fear among schoolchildren:

I think it’s okay for one to take what is impossible and to imagine it. As is the case with the World Trade Center attack, one has to think of the unthinkable in order to understand the world.”

One has to think of the unthinkable to scare people into paying higher premiums. Once again the little guy gets the shaft.


5 responses to “‘The Local’: Munich RE “Profiteering From Climate Change Scare Stories Based On Quasi Scientific Reports””

  1. DirkH

    Biggest inverter maker of Germany, SMA Solar, hits all time low due to declining revenue.

  2. Don B

    Pielke Jr. reported in 2010 of a newspaper investigation which revealed that predictions of increased hurricane damage resulted in a $82 billion (billion, no typo) windfall to the reinsurance industry.


    There is big money in climate alarmism.

    Oh, by the way, since the alarmist “study,” there has been no US landfalls of extreme hurricanes.

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