Record Cold Grips New South Wales, Australia…Canberra Sees Coldest October In 40 Years!

To our friends down under, especially those in New South Wales, I ask how do you like global warming now? Are you all frying to death from the cold?

A thing of the past returns to the present. A winter blast pounds Canberra. Graphic source Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, Martyman at the English language Wikipedia.

Spiegel here reports that Canberra has thus far experienced its coldest October in 40 years and kangeroos are jumping through snow in late spring. Hat-tip

All that cold in Australia and has got to be due to global warming. It fits right in, after all. For example “climate scientists” using advanced computer simulations are now warning that global warming is also going to cause especially bitter-cold, snowy winters in Europe and North America in the years ahead. Apparently the effect is now reaching way down into the southern hemisphere!

Spiegel writes:

An unusual cold snap at the end of spring has brought snow to the Australian capital of Canberra and the state of New South Wales. […] Emergency crews had to install snow chains on their vehicles in order to rescue stranded drivers.

According to the Weather Office, temperatures have dropped well below the freezing point.”

Wishing you global warming soon.

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13 responses to “Record Cold Grips New South Wales, Australia…Canberra Sees Coldest October In 40 Years!”

  1. mwhite

    “Snow hits Australia in the middle of Spring”

    “A cold snap has covered parts of Australia’s east coast with a blanket of snow, in the middle of spring.

    Motorists were left stranded in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, while power lines were downed, trees uprooted and ferries cancelled due to high winds and hail in coastal areas.

    Residents in Katoomba described the snowfall as the heaviest they had seen.

    Forecasters predict the cold weather will give way to warmer temperatures over the weekend”

  2. Mindert Eiting

    For those who like logic: all kinds of weather are caused now by global warming. There was a time of no global warming but there were all kinds of weather. By then weather also had causes. That must have been something else than global warming. Because cause-effect relations are time-independent, the present weather in Australia is caused by global warming or something else. Tell that to the Aussies who need our concern.

    1. DirkH

      “That must have been something else than global warming.”

      Throughout human history, extraordinary weather is always caused by
      a) global warming (during times of global warming panic)
      b) global cooling (during times of global cooling panic)
      (Note that the wikipedia does not include Global Warming in the list of moral panics.)

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    Some more photos here. I went though the same train station about a week before and it was sunny and about 30 C. But this all must be weather not climate.

    Snow in October is rather unusual. I used to tell a story of camping out at Armidale in the early 80’s and waking up one September morning to find 3cm of snow covering me and my sleeping bag. That location is about 300 m higher than where these pics come from and snow even in September there is very rare.

  4. Bob in Castlemaine

    Some believe the recent cold weather in Australia is due to Global Warming Climate Disruption, in fact the real reason is that in July this year the Australian Government introduced the world’s highest carbon (dioxide) tax, $23 per tonne. I was sceptical about the tax, but now I have to accept that it’s working!

  5. klem

    Wow it looks like Gillards carbon tax has worked, the world is saved! Australia is becoming a frozen wasteland like Canada. Wahoo!

  6. roger

    Meanwhile, as if by magic, Sky News this am ran a story, complete with a degrading ski run, about the impending demise of skiing in Australia due to unprecedented global warming.
    Without doubt a calculated spoiler in case the real news as detailed here were to leak out and cause the populace at large to question the religion.

    1. klem

      Religion is the correct term.

      1. DirkH

        Political Religion is the precise term.

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  9. Joe

    So here it is Jan 8th, and they are now having a record heat wave..

    120 deg F. and higher.

    Now what? 😉

  10. handjive

    8. Januar 2013 at 19:12

    Now what?

    Considering it has been 4 years since the last heat wave in Oz, what is it you expect?
    The end of the world?

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