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State Department Too Busy Spending Money On “Green Programs And Chevy Volts” Than To Bother With Security!

It you still don’t believe that the current adminstration is incompetent and is completely clueless about the planet’s reality, then read the following FOX NEWS report. They were more concerned with providing a fictional security fix against the fantasy threat of climate change than they were against the real threat of terrorism. Fox News writes: The […]

Record Cold Grips New South Wales, Australia…Canberra Sees Coldest October In 40 Years!

To our friends down under, especially those in New South Wales, I ask how do you like global warming now? Are you all frying to death from the cold? A thing of the past returns to the present. A winter blast pounds Canberra. Graphic source Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license, Martyman at the […]

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