Grid Expert’s Dire Warning: “All Of Europe’s Power Supply At Risk”..30% Of Computers Could Be Destroyed

German Auf1 site here interviews blackout expert Robert Jungnischke on Europe’s growing threat of a unprecedented wintertime blackout. Experts are almost unanimous that a blackout will occur, the only question that remains is when and how long it will be.

Power grid and blackout expert Robert Jungnischke. Image cropped here

The gas supply bottleneck Europe is intensifying as the weather turns colder earlier than expected. People are preparing by buying electric fan heaters, hoping they’ll be able to keep warm if the gas supply runs out. The problem however, is that these millions of electric fan heaters sold in Europe will end up burdening an already extremely precarious power grid even more.

Already German officials are warning the country “may be facing ‘rolling blackouts’ over the coming winter months” as not only Germany’s but also Europe’s power grid teeter on the brink.

According to Robert Jungnischke, a blackout expert and consultant, many companies and people are poorly prepared, or not prepared at all. So when the blackout arrives, it will be too late to for them. The consequences would be dire. Once a a blackout hits, the total system failure that it causes cannot be fixed so quickly. The damage in terms of economics and lives would be enormous.

Electric chair for computers and electronics

According to Jungnischke, citing power experts, just rebooting the power grid would destroy about 30% of electronic devices such as computers.

The rebooting of an entire power grid after a blackout is a complicated task, as the supply has to match the demand. Both would have to ramp up in unison. Jungnischke explains:

After a blackout, the power gets ramped up, but we have a huge problem. The problem is that there is no load. As I said earlier, power is tied to consumption and the power is regulated accordingly. I have a problem when power needs to be ramped up but there’s not yet any demand. That means the power fluctuates strongly and strongly fluctuating power is death for electronics. That means experts calculate about 30% of computers will be damaged during the ramp up of the power grid.”

He adds that the dependence on solar and wind energy puts not only the German power grid at risk, but also the power supply of all of Europe.

The economic damage resulting from a major blackout would be crippling. Chaos would ensue for weeks or months.

15 responses to “Grid Expert’s Dire Warning: “All Of Europe’s Power Supply At Risk”..3015 Of Computers Could Be Destroyed”

  1. voza0db

    I can’t wait to see social media data centers (and others) go bust due to european’s data centers failure (can’t keep these monsters on diesel generators for long) and then the inevitable overload due to rerouting requests of non-european data centers!

    The face of the modern moron slaves without their “smart”brain working is going to be awesome…

  2. voza0db

    After the attack at NS1 and NS2 Russia is now going to shutdown all gas pipelines that transit via Ukraine… This will be also FUN to watch!

  3. Graeme No.3

    I thought that was in response to The Ukraine demanding transit fees for the gas going to Europe.

  4. John Andrews

    What would happen to bitcoin servers, miners, and others? Would cloud computers worldwide be affected? What can a homeowner do to prevent major loss?

  5. Petit_Barde

    The “clou du spectacle” would be when Russian will eventually close the nuclear central of Zaporijjia. Von der Leyen wanted an energy embargo ? She will have it but not with the consequences this corrupted crook dreams (or pretends to dream) about.

    Be it for the devastating climate clown show, the criminal and absurd covid reactions and now the irresponsible sanctions against Russia (for a problem which exists since decades – Minsk 1, Maïdan “coup d’état”, Minsk 2, …), European countries are actually being destroyed since years by the bunch of corrupted crackpots in charge.

    If Putin wanted to eliminate Europe with minimal effort, he would have implemented a carbon copy of what the European clowns in charge are doing.

    1. oebele bruinsma

      Nice summary, thanks before we have to go off-line….

  6. Gerald the Mole

    The UK Government is wanting all of us to be totally dependent on the internet: cashless society, file your tax return, etc. They are truly mad.

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  8. Richard Greene

    This reads like worst case fear porn

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  10. Don

    Having a good quality surge protector is important for computers that you care about. Most computer power supplies are actually very flexible as far as voltage and frequency, so doubt there is much risk from grid startup.

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  12. voza0db

    The German government is set to inject €200 billion into a stabilization fund that helps consumers and businesses cope with the energy crisis.

    So MORE INFLATION to come…

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