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East Asia will shiver in January.

Frigid Temperatures Projected To Plague Much Of Globe In January

I’m just the messenger, so don’t beat the crap out of me! Blame global warming for all the cold that’s in the pipeline. Here are the temperature forecasts for the next 16 days for most continents and regions. Many are forecast to be below normal. As you click on each link below, you’re going to […]

NTZ December Wrap-Up

Some bloggers do a yearly wrap up, and so I thought I’d do a monthly and annual summary today. 2010 – the humble start of NTZ This blog all started with me reading climate science skeptic sites like WUWT, IceCap, CA, Bishop Hill and many others since 2007. In March 2010 I happened to be […]

Rahmstorf Backpedals – Cold And Snow Not Due To Warming – Dumps Cold Water On Petoukhov And Semenov

At his wissenslogs blog, sister blog of Real Climate, Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research has a post attempting to find an explanation for Europe’s heavy snowfalls and cold from last month. Part of Rahmstorf’s problem is his habit of not asking to the right questions, which is a prerequisite for […]