Germany Passes Energy Tyranny Act – Will Force Energy Rationing

Energy rationing begins. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is serious. A new law has been passed by the German government, quietly and almost unnoticed. Soon in the future, the government will tell its citizens how much energy they can consume.

If the German State can pass this, then it can pretty much do whatever the hell it damn well pleases.

Gone are the days of a government that is there to serve its citizens. Here to stay is a group of elitists who are going to boss the citizens around and tell them how to live.

But of course it’s all in the name of saving planet from climate catastrophe. Never mind what Edenhofer of the PIK said awhile back, read here. They are moving quickly now, and Germany is now lost. Although climate scepticism is rising, it’s too late.

America – the last hope

I pray that the few remaining freedom-loving lawmakers in America are taking notice of this eco-martial law movement now sweeping across Europe. The greenshirts are already getting out of their cars in front of your homes (think EPA). Are you going to let them kick your doors down too? They are only waiting for the green light from Ms Lisa Jackson.

Germany’s first step in declaring eco-martial law

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) reports on the new German Energy Efficiency Law that was quietly passed on the 4th of November 2010 with nary a press report and under the noses of its citizens -passed under the guise of “necessary-to-implement EU Directives” to increase energy efficiency. The name of the law in German:

Gesetz über Energiedienstleistungen und andere Energieeffizienzmaßnahmen vom 4. November 2010 (BGBl. I S. 1483)

In English:

Law on Energy Services and other Energy Efficiency Measures dated 4 November 2010 (BGBl. I S. 1483)

Just call it the Energy Tyranny Act. Michael Limburg of EIKE has looked at this in detail and writes:

With this law, the free market is going to be abolished, carefully converted with efforts to…“remove existing market obstacles and deficiencies.“

Of course the law provides for the creation of a new bureaucracy to implement its provisions – with the state taking over authority. Limburg writes about what the Energy Tyranny Act means:

That means citizens will have to be and can be forced to make comprehensive energy savings in a very short time. And to make sure that functions:

Power companies, grid operators and energy retail companies are especially required to carry out special obligations in order to create the conditions for the development and promotion of a market for energy service companies and for creating other measures for improving energy efficiency for the consumer. Included in this are especially information, promotion and assurance obligations. These companies are also obligated to maintain infomational billing of energy consumption. 

In plain English: Power and energy companies will be required to collect consumption data on each and every citizen and provide the means to meet energy efficiency targets.

Enforcement by the state

All this will have to be monitored of course – by a new powerful bureaucracy, which will have powers to run lives. Paragraph 9 of the law stipulates which government body will observe our energy consumption. The Federal Office for Economics and Export Control will take on the duties of the Federal Office for Energy Efficiency.

Some of these duties include the calculation of energy saving target values and monitoring the progress savings are made by the consumers. And if savings are not achieved quickly enough, Limburg writes:

In the event that the forces of the newly abolished free market are not sufficient, which of course will certainly turn out to be the case, they will be able to draw up proposals for forcing the citizens, and to sanction if necessary, to reach the ambitious targets.

EIKE reader Stefan Steger writes:

Maybe I’ve seen too much science fiction, but it appears the Orwellian surveillance society is becoming a reality; you could call it East Germany 2.0 . The whole thing has a system to it:
1. Implementation of smart grids.
2. Outsourcing of meter reading by public utilities.
3. State control of meter reading.
4. Regulating the energy consumption per person/ household etc.
5. Limiting of energy use by using intelligent meters and automatic shut-off  switches.
6. And liquidators will be sent to violating households.

Mike Limburg ends by quoting Kurt Tucholsky:

If people could change the course of politics through elections, then elections would have been banned long ago.”

That is indeed a sad but true commentary on the state of German democracy (what’s left of it) today.

The Great Menace – how far can this go?

This is just the start of the so-called “The Great Transformation” envisioned by extremists like Edenhofer, Schellnhuber and host of other social engineering zealots. It begins with rationing energy, but where does it end? What’s next?

Our water consumption? Our meat consumption? Our internet access? Our mobility? Our lights? Our weight?  How about sugar intake? The right to our organs? Our life span (death panels)? Our property and money we earn? Our freedom to speak?

They can do what they want and there is nothing now to stop them. Today there is no political opposition to this coming green tyranny – all parties in Germany, from right to left, are for it. They are only fighting each other to see who gets to have the fun of carrying out this dangerous experiment. They are all racing to see who can be Erich Honecker 2.0 first!

Urgently needed is an opposition…and maybe another D-Day.


Democratic regimes are not well prepared for the level of participation that is required: Can free democratic societies cope with the effects of grave changes in the global climate, or might authoritarian regimes possibly be better placed to enforce the necessary measures?”

53 thoughts on “Germany Passes Energy Tyranny Act – Will Force Energy Rationing”

  1. As Lenin wrote: “I have serious doubts about our German comrades’ preparedness for socialist revolution.. (..) ..they are so disciplined, that if they are to seize a railway station, they all buy train tickets first”

    European feudal system of disarmed citizens makes much sense more and more.

        1. Quite honestly I took a look and it really appealed to me. I just need Big Oil or someone to sponsor me. And Juraj sent me some photos of Slovakia…also looks very appealing, and I know they make really good beer there! But I don’t speak Slovak.

    1. It’s supposed to be part of the European Directives…so just be patient, friend. Folks – read the link to the “Great Transformation” and you’ll see who the zealots behind this are.

      1. Yes, Pierre, but I cannot reach those zealots. I told my leftist friends that I do not believe a dime of AGW, that it is the scientific fraud of all times. They looked at me as if I became mentally disordered. What else can you do in the Age of Stupid?

  2. One of the main reasons for the enforcement of smart meters and realtime usage pattern profiling is BTW the desire to catch home growers (Marihuana). It will force them to use Diesel generators and force the small ones out of business. Interesting developments.

    1. Aren’t the small growers using PV solar with batteries?
      You know; seriously “green”. 😉

      Or tapping into the grid upstream of the meter?

  3. Here’s the new bureaucracy and their Nationaler Aktionsplan.

    Nothing too nefarious ATM. They’re largely talking about subsidizing efficient technology, the kind of market distortions we are used to in Europe. So, some misallocation of capital, that’s all for now. The kind of games our politicians love to play when being lobbied.

    For now, no switching off of consumers in this plan.

    1. Are manufacturing companies going to put up with this crap? Not if other countries are rolling out the red carpet for them. Eventually it’s the consumer who ends up paying.

      1. Well, i would guess it is exactly big manufacturing companies who lobbied for this, namely Siemens & Bosch. Notice that they want to subsidice household appliances. Rings a bell? Siemens & Bosch have a joint venture that manufactures them and they sell the same devices under their respective names. Once you have kicked out the competition and lured the Germans into buying your subsidized goods, you can start to steamroll other countries with your efficient appliances. Lobbying based oligopolism.

        This law has Siems & Bosch written all over it.

        1. Certainly neither Heideberger Zement’s nor Knauf’s names are on it. And I wonder where Bosch and Siemens are producing their white appliances? I know it’s not in Germany.

          1. Oh, Heidelcement will have their day when the EU builds the new Atlantikwall against sea level rise 😉

  4. Pierre I agree.

    I have just the right country for you.

    But just for the fun,

    Let’s have a fight with these idiots first.

    Start with DDR Merkel.

  5. @ Dirk H – “Home Growers” normally bypass the meters in what ever property they’re using, so smart meters are unlikely to help the authorities locate them. If they have accurate supply metering of each district they would (in theory) be aware that something was amiss, but wouldn’t be able to pin it down. The really smart operators would keep some domestic usage fed through the meter to avoid suspicion, but put the heavy loads on the incoming side…

  6. Work Arounds:-

    1) Rack up a very high history of consumption immediately prior to the Act coming into force.

    2) Sign up for gym membership and shower there when it looks like the target wont be met.

    3) Minimize dish washing when the target’s looming.

    Remember that it’s water heating that requires most energy – not lighting.

    1. You do realize that 2) and 3) are exactly what they want, do you? So they’re not workarounds but obedience.

      Workaround 4): Canada.

  7. I think it also has to do with eco-protectionism. Imports from China and other non-carbon-fighting exporters will be restricted, in favor of carbon-fighting German/other European manufacturers.

  8. Europe is doomed already with it’s bankrupt Monetary Union, it’s totalitarian Government and suicidal policies.

    Time to pack your bags and hit the road before the streets turn red.

    The fact that Germany is one of the driving forces behind a big doctrine for the third time in recent history should be the big drop that spills the bucket.

    I really wonder why the people here can’t handle freedom?

  9. The Fourth Reich by stealth and energy starvation.

    I shudder, it will come to England (smart meters advertised and pushed by UK government propaganda), of this there can be no doubt, our civil service is in the employ of the EU nomenklatura, be afraid – no I’m not joking.

    Smell, the dying embers of democracy, where to next….the obvious answer = the absolute darkness totalitarianism.

  10. “Never mind what Edenhofer of the PIK said awhile back…”, but I do mind. Thanks for the link. At first reading I thought that he did not believe his own words, spoken before the conference at Cancun, which started with a prayer to Mother Earth. There is something fascinating about AGW: as a bare idea it is just nothing. Your first reaction is to ignore it. But it attacked the weak science of climatology. Now the time has come that it will be debunked, thanks to physicists. Too late again because the issue is not about AGW any more. It reminds me of an innocent virus changing its DNA while your immune system is doing its work. What is the medicine? These laws should be tested against our constitutions, isn’t it?

    1. A constitution is part of national laws, so it is overridden by the Lisbon treaty. The bureaucrats will try their best to avoid such a clash but it will not always be possible. The German constitutional court has already asserted that the Lisbon treaty doesn’t violate the German constitution (i find this a puzzling ruling; but obviously it was politically necessary to get the treaty).

  11. Thanks Pierre for the info. I took a look at this law. …very interesting to read.

    This law is not only for the private households…it is also addressed to German government institutions (ie. German military).

    And when you read further more, the definition of energy is “everything, without fuel for aircraft and ships” -> § 2 Abs. 3

    omg…this law is bs and leads Europe into more bureaucrazyness…

  12. Marketing Climate Change

    With the new laws in place, who cares about climate change.
    They have have us by the balls and the science and the discussions about the science have all been sidelined.

    The same goes for democracy in politics and National constitutions.
    They have been side lined too.

    Watching National Politics is like watching the Muppet Show.

    We can vote for people who in the end have no power whatsoever to represent the wishes of the people.

    They have been reduced to executers of policies, directives and laws made by unelected Commissars headed by an unelected “President”.

    Your voting rights have been made worthless.

    Be prepared to be managed and controlled as any other species on the planet.

    You just have become a number.

    An insignificant number.

  13. Pierre, thanks for posting this. I came over from the Bishop’s place, and will take time to read your blog from the start.

    My only worry is that you and Ron, and the other pessimists, are actually insufficiently pessimistic. I have long felt that Britain was becoming GDR v2.0, so don’t expect another D-Day soon.

    1. The law is passed. There is no opposition to this green movement. We are now at the mercy of the bureaucracy, and can only hope they will be reasonable and compassionate. The bureaucratic infrastructure is in place, and so it is very easy to keep expanding regulation into all aspects of private life. Again who can say a that a Frau Lisa Jackson is not going to direct this Environmental Office down the road? The Reds and the Greens are poised to take over in the next general election. It doesn’t look good.

  14. Since when has Germany been a democracy, Hitler’s Law on Legal Advice 13th December 1935 made sure that there was never any rights for ordinary citizens, after the war as before. This law has total control over the legal system and, guarantees that no one can challenge the regime through the courts.

  15. I agree entirely with Mr. M. Smith I think to understand what this is all about you only have to look back in history to the Reichstag Fire and the consequent Reichstag Fire Decree which came in immediately after. If you care to investigate that “Fire Decree” it smacks of exactly what powers we have had forced upon us since 9/11.
    Which states:- On the basis of Article 48 paragraph 2 of the Constitution of the German Reich, the following is ordered in defense against Communist state-endangering acts of violence: § 1. Articles 114, 115, 117, 118, 123, 124 and 153 of the Constitution of the German Reich are suspended until further notice. It is therefore permissible to restrict the rights of personal freedom [habeas corpus], freedom of opinion, including the freedom of the press, the freedom to organize and assemble, the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications. Warrants for House searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permissible beyond the legal limits otherwise prescribed
    The next law from the Hitler period that is floating around the EU is the secretive Law on Legal Advice 13th December 1935 which has been implemented into EU legislation to control our rights to justice, which then got strengthened by the Maastriech Treaty which introduced the controversial word “Subsidiarity” in Article 51 of The EU Conventions on Human Rights and Freedoms, they also re-jigged Article 53 of that Treaty (signed in the UK in February 1992,) and remains ongoing in the present Lisbon Treaty as their get-out routes if we should challenge a Member State Regime, or someone with influence in these Establishments..
    Also of interest to the above to give better understanding/insight it is advised to read (via Google,) The Secret CIA “RED HOUSE REPORT” of 1944. explaining why The US are hell bent to silence Google Wiki Leaks, and anyone else who release such important information into the Public Domain, is it not???

  16. Below is a translation of a letter from the German Ministry of Justice in which they give the most unbelievable explanation of the continued use of the NAZI Law on Legal Advice 13th December 1935. If you read the penultimate paragraph it specifically refers to the giving of advice of a legal nature on ENERGY matters. The only kind of Advice that is to be given in any field is that which suits the German regime. If it is not of the regimes liking, then the advice is not allowed. In articles 7 & 8 of the law it clearly states THESE ACTIVITIES MAY HOWEVER BE PROHIBITED.
    Please also note in the last paragraph the European Court had found this NAZI law COMAPTIBLE with EU Legislation.

    Federal Judicial Ministry Berlin, 28 November 2000
    Ref No: RB 1 – 7525 – R 3 793/2000
    Please quote when replying to
    The secretariat of the petition committee
    of the Federal Parliament
    Platz der Republik 1
    11011 Berlin

    Subject: Legal Advice Act

    Here: Petition introduced by Herr Stefan Füger, 64673 Zwingenberg dated 19.10.2000

    Reference: Your letter dated 26 October 2000 – Pet 4-14-07-37-028039

    I comment on the petition of Herr Füger dated 19 October 2000 as follows:

    At present the Federal Government is not intending to initiate significant changes of the Legal Advice Act (reply to question 4 of the overall enquiry by, amongst others, delegates Rainer Funke, Jörg van Essen and the FDP faction, Diet printed matter 14/3959 concerning the future of legal advice).

    Although the Act originates from 1935, it has been subject to several post-war amendments and no longer contains discriminatory regulations.

    The regulations of this Act are aimed at pursuing justified common interests. The Act serves to protect the general public. The individual seeking justice is to be protected against the danger of leaving the settlement of his legal interests to a person not having the required expertise. On the other hand, legal action should not be impeded by the employment of unsuitable i.e. unreliable persons.

    The Legal Advice Act contains occupation regulating regulations as can be found to exist, for instance, for a number of occupations such as medicine. Such regulations are necessary to prevent third parties from suffering damage due to malpractice. Consequently, the Act serves to protect the user. The person seeking justice and tasking another person with the representation of his legal interests is consequently facing a “user situation”. Often he cannot even properly assess the quality of the legal advice. Consequently, the person seeking justice does not only run the risk of receiving poor advice. He also risks suffering from legal disadvantages and losing his legal position. That is why there are restrictions for people providing legal advice.

    The Legal Advice Act, as outlined by the Federal Government in respect of the occupation of business advisor in the reply to the enquire made by the FDP faction regarding the future of legal advice (reply to questions 23, 24, Diet printed matter 14/3959, page 12), provides a flexible legal instrument enabling a proper assessment of the handling of non-business related legal interests by entrepreneurs. Article 1 § 5 of the Legal Advice Act allows entrepreneurs to deal with the legal interests of their clients if there exists a direct connection with a concrete case related to the actual occupation. Consequently, entrepreneurs who, as stated by the petitioner, are involved in ENERGY ADVICE can also provide legal advice if the commercial activities cannot be carried out effectively without that legal advice.

    The compatibility of the Legal Advice Act with European legislation has been confirmed by the European Court by verdict dated 12 December 1996 – Rs. C-3/95 (Travel Agency Broede/Gerd Sandker), European Magazine for Commercial Law (EuZVV or EuZW) 1997, page 53. The Federal Constitutional Court adopted the compatibility of the law with the constitution by its decrees dated 29 October 1997 – 1 BvR 780/87 (Monitoring of patent fees), official collection of decisions of the Federal Constitutional Court (BVerfGE) volume 97, page 12 = New Judicial Weekly (NJW) 1998, page 3481 and dated 15 December 1999 – 1 BvR 2161/93 (Girmes). NJW 2000, page 1251.

    By order

    Certified by Federal Judicial Ministry

    Government Clerk

      1. The only advice you will get through official channels legal or political, or through people qualified in the field that you are asking the question will be only what suits the government.
        The person in question in the letter from the Jusitce Ministry who gave legal advice on Energy matters ended up losing his job because that information was not of the governments liking.
        I can also speak from personal experience that the courts are RIGGED totally. Verdicts are anything but in line with the law. The judiciary invent a law to suit their needs for a specific hearing, even if the new law is impossible, which it most certainly was in a case I was involved in. The recognised law on the subject is conveniently not mentioned in the judgment because this would immediately have lost the case for the government.
        There is also no right of appeal, to even the most ridiculous verdict which even the defendant (government) admitted in writing the the judgment had nothing to do with the case.
        The media do not report on such RIGGED hearings because they are restrained by article 7 of the Law on Legal Advice 13th December 1935.
        I have the law available if you would like to read it, please feel free to ask.

  17. Another German way to trick the Germans into spending more money :-(

    To our German readers:

    Did you ever heard of the “Bundesimmisionschutzverordnung” or the official header: Erste Verordnung zur Durchführung des Bundesimmissionsschutzgesetzes (Verordnung über kleine und mittlere
    Feuerungsanlagen – 1. BImSchV)??? 😉

    If you own a fireplcae, oven (Kaminofen) etc. be aware! If your oven doesn´t meet the required standards, you have to buy a filter or the chimney sweeper will shut your fireplace. So, if you are thinking about to buy a new one now, be sure it meets the legal limits for 2013. The filter you have to buy are expensive! This is something that the guys at Obi, Hornbach etc will not tell you. They throw out there ovens for cheap money right now.

    Here is the text. Important is § 26 Abs 2 for those ovens installed before 2010.


    1. Damn, that’s torture to read. But there’s some really interesting stuff in it to post. “A fireplace may be used only occasionally, and only using…”
      So when are they going to start regulating barbeque grills? Or are they going to ban meat first? I guess we can all eat this synthetic low-dioxin meat.

  18. When I was checking on the EEG levels for electricity supply, I saw a news item with some “peak (stupid) body” presenting a plan for Germany to have 100% of its electricity generation from renewable sources by 2050.

    Even the current insane plan calls for 80% by 2050.

    I downloaded the document. Flabbergasted… I gave up trying to find *how* this would be possible because the 600 pages or so of drivel, wishful thinking, proposed legislations and social mechanisms didn’t actually reveal where the renewable energy would be coming from. It’s all from pixie dust, apparently.

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