Moscow Shivering In “Coldest Winter In 100 Years”

Minus 30°C for days…13°C below normal…homeless people dying…hands and feet are freezing…

That’s what we are hearing from a few media outlets in Europe, those who have dared to mention the “cold-snap” word and to write about reality. It’s been cold in Scandinavia, much of Europe, North America and Russia too. Where’s all the warming? Heck, even the oceans are below normal.

Deep freeze is forecast to continue

The European part of Russia is stuck deep in the freezer, reports the Austrian online The extreme cold is due to a huge high pressure system in the Arctic which has kept Moscow in temperatures down as low as -30°C for days. writes:

The Russian media have been talking about ‘the hardest winter in the last 100 years’, causing 10 million people to shiver.

”This abnormal frost has been an enormous challenge,’ says Moscow mayor Sergei Sobjanin. Meteorologists don’t see any let up in the days ahead, and even expect temperatures to drop further. In the European part of Russia, unusually deep cold has dominated the area over the last 14 days. The average temperature for February so far alone for Moscow is 11 to 13°C below normal.”

There are reports that homeless people are getting hit hard. Pleas for blankets and clothing are being made. Famous Moscow doctor Elisabeth Glinki says:

Many people on the street are dying, or their hands and feet are freezing.”

Looking at the above temperature forecast chart above, things are going to get even worse in the days ahead.

But we all know what the explanation for this is, right!

15 responses to “Moscow Shivering In “Coldest Winter In 100 Years””

  1. Ike
    1. DirkH

      The DWD (Deutscher Wetterdienst, German weather service; public weather service) seems to be a little touchy… “Vulgärpresse”… (engl. vulgar press) They can have vulgarities from me if they want them.

  2. Ike

    forgot to mention:

    Those of you who can read and write German, here is a nice opportunity to say what you think about AGW and more.
    Umfrage, wie Öko bist Du? Endet 22.2.!! 😉

  3. Jimbo

    Expect a rushed, pal reviewed paper blaming global warming.

  4. Ike

    PIK did it again!

    Oh boy…scientists demand (!) the EU should change climate politics. These scientists at PIK seem to be overconfident and…”forgot the exact phrase”

    1. DirkH

      The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Well, the PIK inmates and the entire EU commission are Keynesians; and for a Keynesian, any government-sponsored activity helps the economy. So, building PV panels with a questionable EROEI falls under that category IMHO. Of course, Keynesians always run out of money faster than they thought.

  5. mindert eiting

    This shows again that the present interglacial is too cold. See:

  6. Juraj V.

    NH extratropics fell bellow 1990. No wonder it is cold here and there.

    This is per HadCRUT3 including UHI and manipulation of HadSST dataset.


    The cold weather in Russia was predicted by many scientists and meterologists even in Russia .[see earlier posts under Cooling] As the adjacent oceans cool , the inland areas will cool first and gradually it will spread to coastal areas . The rest of Europe will start to have similar winters once AMO also goes cool. I anticipate the annual and winter anomalies in Europe to go negative or cool quite frequently like the period 1962-1987 and in particular like 1977-1979. The North American Continent is also cooling since 2006 in the same way with extra cold and snow in Central Canada and North Central US [ Minnesota , Wisconsin]and North East having several snow storms in a week. All this is similar to the weather we had during the last global cool cycle 1944-1979. The US NOAA just recently confirmed that the all the recent snowstorms in the US north east were due to natural causes and not at all due to the global warming as the warmists had claimed.


    Further evidence of cooling waters around North America similar to the 1970’s. Similar situation will spread to the North Atlantic and western shores of Europe.

    From Bob Tisdale’s web page

  9. slimething

    That is quite profound.

    Keynesian economics hasn’t worked because the right people haven’t been in power to properly implement it yet. Oh wait, we have BHO…..

    “Here I come to save the day!”

    Seriously, they just need to spend more money 🙂

  10. Edwin Adlerman

    Apparently we’ve already forgotten about the 2010 Russian summer.

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