Flagship German Political Daily: “A Green Tyranny Is Growing In Germany – Losing Patience With Democracy”

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Germany’s flagship political daily, has a stinging commentary on the “growing green tyranny” in Germany. Its piece titled The Affectionate Ecological Dictatorship takes aim at the Potsdam Institute For Climate Impact Research (PIK), headed by Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, NASA’s James Hansen, and German policymakers. The usually staid and measured FAZ uses a tone that is uncharacteristically harsh.Germany’s first (hardline) green state minister gets sworn in

The article comes at the heels of last Thursday’s swearing into office of Winfried Kretschmann – Germany’s first Green Party state minister in the industrial state of Baden Wurttemberg, home of automotive giant Mercedes Benz and sportscar manufacturer Porsche. The new State Minister Kretschmann means green business, and warns companies will have to change the way they do business.

If one should doubt that Kretschmann and the Greens really mean business, read some of the quotes the FAZ reports:

His words are neither to be taken as political-tactical provocation, nor as lip service to the base, but as dead serious: ‘We have to bring our model for living in agreement with the fundamentals of the planet. With our business and economic practices, we are harming the planet. For the automotive industry: ‘If the automobile industry fails to green up, then it will not have a future’.”

Kretschmann is not mincing any words as Germany begins to get a taste of the country’s first Green authoritarian hardliner, a harbinger of what may be in store for Germany if it continues on its current path to Green tyranny.  The country’s mad rush into ecological dictatorship is underpinned by science from the über-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, a science that is packaged and uncritically disseminated to the public by a green cheerleading mainstream media.

“Ecological tyranny is growing”

As Germany rides a wave of environmentalism in the wake of Fukushima, the public as a whole is hardly voicing any opposition to the bold state intrusion into corporate management and private lives. And not only the Greens are spurring on the enviro-movement, but all of Germany’s political parties. Opposition to the green movement is weak, and political leaders feel embolden to grab power. The FAZ writes (emphasis added):

For a long time now it is no longer just the Greens who are intruding into private and company freedoms with the aim of cutting the people down for an ecological lifestyle. An ecological tyranny is growing in Germany; it leans on a large majority. And the German federal government is leading the pack.”

The FAZ then cites a number of examples: the government mandating ethanol fuels that no consumer wants, reducing rental rights of tenants when landlords do ecological renovations, mandating energy saving lights and chimney filters, forcing homeowners to insulate their homes, forcing consumers to buy expensive green electricity, plans to massively subsidise electric cars – to name a few. In a nutshell, property owners are now being told by the power-obsessed state what to do with their property and how to spend their money.

“Forced feeding of ecologically correct products”

Still, for the greens, things are still moving far too slowly. And the federal government is committed to putting Germany on the Great Transformation fast-track, where the state would have full power to decide the future course of its citizens. Guidelines are already being drawn up for deciding what consumers will be allowed to eat and how much energy and water they will be allowed to consume.

On all the government’s intrusion on personal sovereignty, the FAZ writes:

‘Forced feeding with ecologically-correct products’ is what economist Carl-Christian von Weizsäcker called the government’s style of not taking the citizens’ consumer sovereignty and freedom to decide seriously. Those who don’t cooperate, get defamed.”

and (emphasis added):

‘It’s bad enough to be oppressed by a minority, but it’s worse to be oppressed by a majority,’ formulated British liberal Lord Acton more than 100 years ago. ‘We are moving towards an ecological dictatorship,’ Weizsäcker says today.”

Hans Schellnhuber has little patience with democracy.

Losing patience with democracy

Much of the science underpinning the Green tyranny comes from the overzealous and dogmatic Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, led by Hans Schellnhuber. The FAZ appears to be realising this. I don’t know how often I’ve warned how dangerous this Schellnhuber and his greenshirts are, e.g. read here. For them things are not moving quickly enough. The FAZ is beginning to notice and takes aim at both James Hansen and Schellnhuber. The FAZ on Hansen:

Foremost, climate scientists are losing patience with the slow moving democratic processes. The world renown climate researcher James Hansen, who heads the renown NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, regularly expresses doubt on whether democracy can stop climate warming. Recently he praised China’s autocratic regime as hope. There, sustainable living could be ordered.”

The FAZ reports on how Schellnhuber once said that the German Parliament needs to be supplemented by a “Council for the Future” – which would have a 10% say on passing laws. The FAZ focuses on Schellhuber’s 32-page Social Contract For Sustainability, writing:

 It is full of moralization and revolution.”


It overrides ‘interests groups’ and ‘veto players’ who hinder ‘the transition to a sustainable society’.“

This is written by the FAZ – the WaPo of Germany! Clearly the author is spooked, and the rest of us ought to be as well.

Hans von Storch: “quite arrogant”

Now even some renown German warmist climate scientists appear to be concerned by Schellnhuber’s bold master plan to transform the world and the government’s enthusiasm for it as they rush to implement it. The FAZ writes and quotes Hans von Storch:

‘The tenor of the paper reveals a problematic understanding of democracy,’ says climate scientist Hans von Storch. Moreover: ‘The authors reduce the world’s problems to carbon. That is one-dimensional and even quite arrogant.’ There’s global hunger for example, but that is not in fashion today.”

Indeed it is not. Green policies, particularly those promoting biofuels, are about to profoundly exacerbate the problem.

This is the real deal – the rise of green supremacism. This green malignancy will not remain confined to Europe. Make no mistake – it is a global endeavour. This is no time for Neville Chamberlains.

31 responses to “Flagship German Political Daily: “A Green Tyranny Is Growing In Germany – Losing Patience With Democracy””

  1. Peter B

    Hi, lurker (and occasional poster elsewhere) emerging.

    Presumably, even in Germany – and especially in B-W – the moment that such policies result in palpable economic cost, the Greens will be kicked out of government? Actually this “showcase” of what they are like in power may be a good thing in the longer run (if less so for the people of Baden-Württemberg).

  2. DirkH

    Fun thing is, the brother of Carl Christian von Weizsäcker,
    is one of the renewables propagandists who was a co-author of a “report to the Club Of Rome” no less.
    which warned, no surprise there, that we need to cut down our resource consumption.

    Beware the Weizsäckers, they are very much globalists and statists.

  3. Stop Common Purpose

    There you are, you have been warned.

    You need to stop these eco-loonies now before they can do real damage.

  4. DirkH

    Some more connections from the AGW juggernaut.
    European Masterplan
    created by these guys for the European commission
    financed by these guys
    The Arcadia Fund
    The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
    The ClimateWorks Foundation
    The McCall MacBain Foundation
    The Oak Foundation
    The Sea Change Foundation
    The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

  5. Time Traveller

    All of the pieces are in place: the enemy within (us), the regular threats to our well-being, insufficient lebensraum for the world’s population, the allusions to eugenics, the euro crisis and now the emergence of the new facism.

    Watch your step, Pierre. We don’t want to see you being herded on to one of those (coal) trains of death.

  6. Time Traveller

    PS I forgot to mention the state’s involvement in the ‘people’s car. It’s worse than I thought!

  7. biggreenlie

    All signs point to the “final solution” being once again being enacted on the populace! The youth of the World must rise up before these old “losers” have it their way AGAIN!!!!!

  8. DirkH
  9. GregO

    Wow! Time for a big push-back against these green fascists. Check out this latest push-back against green fascists in Australia:


  10. Bob W in NC

    Concurrent with the situation in Germany, the Washington Post editorial opinion today has announced “Climate change denial becomes harder to justify.” The editorial position is that any who do not subscribe to “Climate Change” are thoroughly castigated, and – note – are not skeptics, but “deniers.”


    Excerpt: “Climate-change deniers…are willfully ignorant, lost in wishful thinking, cynical or some combination of the three. And their recalcitrance is dangerous…”

  11. Ed Caryl

    Talk about natural cycles… Is there something in the German water that triggers these periodic episodes?

  12. DirkH

    I don’t think it’ll be violent this time. No youth bulge.

    1. Ed Caryl

      Pierre, do you see any signs of a Green Gestapo?

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  14. Lars

    The green takeover is a fascist dictatorship like of that which tyrannized Germany from 1933 to 1945. Back then it was eugenics, today it is environmentalism. Today you have huge crowds of greenies actively campaigning to lower world population levels, and you have Lord Schellnhuber and Lord Holdren, among others, doing her Majesty’s service, by deliberately armtwisting the decision makers, that this policy must go through. Is Germany once again going to be promoting policies of mass genocide? Wake up people, before you are being told to die in the name of the environment. Hitler was a vegan too, you know. – Lars

  15. pointman

    The thing about fanatical movements like the Greens is that they simply don’t know when to stop, they’re simply not proportionate and will always in the end alienate the ordinary person.

    It’s their strength but also their massive blind spot



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    […] And now, the Green Party has swept to power in the German state of Baden Wurttemberg. Many observers believe that this success has been fuelled by the anti-nuclear hysteria that settled over Germany post Fukushima and that it heralds a new far-left Germany.  Make no mistake, there is a new supremacism afoot: one of the first declarations of the Green Party’s Winfried Kretschmann after he was sworn in as Minister of State was to announce the party’s intentions to regulate the German car industry, to force it to comply with the stringent green orthodoxy: ‘If the automobile industry fails to green up, then it will not have a future’. (h/t to Pierre Gosselin @ NoTricksZone) […]

  17. NikFromNYC

    Democracy no good? Hmmm….that’s kind of like what happened *last* century to German culture, no?

    I present The Quick Glance Guide to Global Warming:

    Astronauts: http://oi52.tinypic.com/vwzel5.jpg
    Ocean: http://oi53.tinypic.com/35b9g08.jpg
    Thermometers: http://oi52.tinypic.com/2agnous.jpg
    Ice: http://oi52.tinypic.com/2upvlvm.jpg
    Earth: http://i49.tinypic.com/2mpg0tz.jpg
    Prophet: http://oi56.tinypic.com/245zkad.jpg
    Psychopaths: http://oi51.tinypic.com/2po8tas.jpg
    Thinker: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n92YenWfz0Y

  18. Don Penim

    Meanwhile, in the U. S.:

    “Change to Green or Die”
    Thomas Friedman – May 12, 2011

    From the May 12-14, 2011 American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2011 National Convention in New Orleans, where the theme was :
    “Regional Design Revolution: Ecology Matters”.

    New York Times writer Thomas Friedman was the keynote speaker and opened the AIA convention for this year.

    Friedman is Calling for a Green Revolution to Renew America.

    “Right now we are having a Green Party, not a Green Revolution,” Freidman claimed. “Change or die—that’s a real revolution. When clients come to you, they should say we need to change to green or die.

    “To have a real Green Revolution,” he continued, “we have to create systems and put in place an ecosystem of rules, laws, processes, and prices. Leaders write rules, and rules shape the environment. When we impose an ecosystem on the market, we will see this Green Revolution take off, ordered from the top down.”


    1. DirkH

      “When we impose an ecosystem on the market, we will see this Green Revolution take off, ordered from the top down.”

      Quite the sentence. I hereby officially declare that this makes it into my collection. Impose an ecosystem on a market to make a Green Revolution take off from the top down. If anything says wingnut this is.

      We’ve been doing exactly that for about 10 years now in Germany, BTW, and the hole in our pockets has (predictably) grown from year to year; it simply attracts rent-seekers (and had i a suitable roof it would have attracted me, possibly); and the hole is now 16 bn EUR a year and growing with about 50% a year.

  19. M White

    Thought this may be of interest – “Construction slump and carbon costs blamed for 1,500 steel job losses”


    “EU carbon legislation threatens to impose huge additional costs on the steel industry. Besides, there remains a great deal of uncertainty about the level of further unilateral carbon cost rises that the UK government is planning,” he added.”

  20. Peter

    These green fascists can be exposed and stopped, as happened in Stockholm at the Global Symposium, where they were supposed to plan a global population reduction. It was documented in this video:


    The Stockholm Memorandum contains this genodical population reduction (see section 6: “Reducing Human Pressures”), but at least it seems like the Nobel Laureates stopped Schellnhuber’s ban on nuclear power from being included in the memorandum, which shows that the intervention that the demonstrators made was a success.

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