Fred Singer At Suppressed SEII Presentation: 1976 To 2000 Warming – “That’s Fake, It Doesn’t Exist”…

…and Singer says: “The IPCC is finished!”

We recall the climate discussion that had been planned to take place at the European Society of Engineers and Industrialists (SEII) in Brussels on September 1-2, 2011, and how IPCC vice president Jean-Pascal van Ypersele attempted to suppress it. Eventually it was relocated and took place somewhere else not far away.

The following is an uneditted raw clip of the discussion (sorry, not a professionally made film). It features distinguished scientists S. Fred Singer and Claes Johnson (see outline below in case you wish to skip to other parts).

Fred Singer: “IPCC is finished!”

What follows is a general outline of the clip of the presentations/discussion. Unfortunately I still have not had the time to view all of it. I especially recommend the segment of 31 min to 69 min. Here Singer considers the temperature data of the last several decades to be statistically selective.

0.00 – 10.00:
Introduction (you can skip this)

10.00 – 31.00: 
Tropospheric hot spot, models vs. observations.

31.10 – 48.30:
Hockeystick, Climategate, 20th century temperature, “1976 – 2000 warming is fake”

48.30 – 61.00:
Ocean temperature measurement

61.00 – 69.00 
Michael Mann, the Hockey Stick, proxies:
Singer’s 3 Conclusions (69.00 min.):
No. 1: IPCC data and models contradict each other.
No. 2: IPCC models cannot be validated, too few runs
No. 3: No evidence of recent warming. “The IPCC is finished

69.00 – 93.00 min

93.00 –
Prof. Claes Johnson

11 responses to “Fred Singer At Suppressed SEII Presentation: 1976 To 2000 Warming – “That’s Fake, It Doesn’t Exist”…”

  1. Rick Bradford

    It’s obviously important to suppress those ‘well-funded’ skeptics.

    After all, the US federal government has only spent $122.8 billion since 2003 on its various climate programs….

  2. Carl

    The dogs barking at about 40 minutes into the film, do they agree with Singer?

  3. DirkH

    It’s no wonder that the German Greens try their best to stop German MP’s from talking to Singer. He’s completely capable of destroying warmism single-handedly. And that would be bad for the Green’s approval rating. AGW is the cornerstone of their religion.

  4. Günther Vennecke


    Do you really think any party can stop anyone from talking to whomever they want?

    All the Greens are doing is trying to prevent a [-snip – you’re slandering] from spreading his lies PUBLICALLY with the apparent support of politics and at the expense of the tax-payer. And that is not only their right but their duty.

  5. DirkH


    Do you really think any party can stop anyone from talking to whomever they want?”

    What gives you that idea; i said they TRIED.

    “…from spreading his lies …”

    Be more specific and deliver evidence. Where did Singer lie, and what is your source?

  6. DirkH

    “…and at the expense of the tax-payer….”

    says a supporter of the Greens who are responsible for 16 billion Euros of yearly extra costs to households in Germany through the Feed In Tariff cross subsidy; with a rising trend.

    You should be very, very silent when it comes to cost and Other People’s Money; the argument falls back on your side very quickly and with a crushing weight.

  7. mwhite

    “16 billion Euros”

    This’ll save some money

    “The lights may go out in Germany even sooner than in Britain”

    No power no pay

  8. DirkH

    Blue Planet In Green Shackles; another variation:
    A Brussels vision of the house of the future – video, English.

    As you’d expect, it’s useless gadgetry combined with a EU eco slant. I especially like the idea of the cocoon; a small coconut-shaped capsule in which the EU proles can get used to “capsule hotel” style living while leaving the rest of the living space go cold and unused. They take their future visions from Neuromancer it seems.

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      Ah, Neuromancer. Connecting to the Net by jacking a wire into the back of your neck and rastafarian spaceship pilots who smoke BIG reefers during launch. (Though given the state of the only nation still nominally capable of manned space flight, that’s something like a True Prediction.) Well – better that they should take their idea from William Gibson than from ‘Soylent Green’.

  9. nofreewind

    UAH (satellites), only show minimal, insignificant warming from 1979-1998

  10. Francis Massen

    Dear Pierre,
    thank you for publishing my (translated, original French) email to the SEII. Just to inform you that I wrote this email as a private and concerned citizen, and that I was not a coordinator of these talks.
    Best regards, Francis

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