Cooling Europe…Germany Preliminary June Mean Temperature Comes In Way Below Model Projections

The German National Weather Service (DWD) has released the preliminary climate data for June 2013.

June in Germany has been quite variable with low temperatures recorded at the start and the end of the month, and a brief, yet record-setting heat just after the middle of the month. Early June also saw record precipitation resulting in wide scale flooding.

As for mean temperature for June, it was normal, which means it was way below model projections. Things aren’t supposed to be normal. The DWD writes:

The average temperature nationwide was 15.8°C. Thus it was about 0.4°C over the internationally valid reference period of 1961 to 1990. Compared to the 1981 to 2010 period, there was no deviation.

That means that there was no climate warming for Germany. According to computer models, which project a 4°C warming by the year 2100 for the current business-as-usual CO2 emissions, temperature today should be about 1.5°C above the 1961 – 1990 reference period mean. Therefore the mean temperature for Germany for June was yet again way below that which had been projected by climate models.


Global temperature development. Source: papundits/every-model-wrong/

The divergence between observed and model-projected global temperatures keeps getting broader. Too bad Obama’s advisors didn’t tell the president that.

According to the DWD, only a few days in June were summerlike and hot. At 98 liters of precipitation per square meter on average, June was 16% wetter than normal (85 l/m²), well within the normal range of variability. But stations in the south and east experienced particularly heavy deluges in early June, for example Aschau-Stein in Chiemgau on June 2-3, two hundred seventy five l/m² fell in 48 hours. From May 26 to June 2, more than 22,76 cubic kilometers of rain fell over Germany.

At approximately 200 hours, sunshine was normal (198 hours).

Lots of weather changes in June, but no climate change.


6 responses to “Cooling Europe…Germany Preliminary June Mean Temperature Comes In Way Below Model Projections”

  1. Robin

    2013 could be the beginning of a downward trend – as indicated by the Arctic’s mid summer temperature. Harold Ambler has pointed out a drop in mid summer temperature which has not varied much at all since 1958.

  2. Robin
  3. Mick J

    The weather forecasters were telling us yesterday that London and other UHI sites in the lower part of the UK might expect mid 20s C temperatures, however!

    I looked at the site linked to by Robin, a poster there suggested the establishment of a temperature anomaly record referenced to the models. Nice one 🙂

  4. DirkH

    “At approximately 200 hours, sunshine was normal (198 hours).”

    I’m surprised by that. I found it very cloudy for the time of year. Pierre, what’s your PV saying? Do you have logs that show how many sun hours you had in your place?

  5. R James

    Planet earth stubbornly refuses to take any notice of the climate models. The interesting thing is that there’s not one piece of evidence to support the catastrophic global warming hypotheses – that positive feedback (eg increased water vapour – the strongest greenhouse gas) will dominate negative feedback (eg cloud density). Very soon, the climate people simply just have to admit that they got it all wrong.

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