Greenpeace Warns Russia! … Hopes For COP 19 Already Fading … Green Cheerleader Germany Spews More CO2

If Russia doesn’t behave responsibly soon, then there’s going to be a price to pay, Greenpeace is warning. Greenpeace thinks it can put the political pressure on Russia. We suspect that Russia as a result is getting really nervous by now and that she will soon cave in to Greenpeace’s mighty demands…maybe even within a few days. (Some sarcasm here).

In its recent blog piece Greenpeace is sending a message that it lining up a formidable political army against Russia, writing:

Let me take you on a small world tour, which illustrates the depth and breadth of the support we have received. Especially when you remember, that this is just a small selection, a snapshot.”

Greenpeace writes that even Iran and 13 Nobel prize winners have joined. Gee, Russia better back down real soon.

Hope at COP 19 already fading

Ingemar Nordin’s Swedish climate blog Stockholms Initiativet here today is already warning COP 19 is already looking like a failure, citing Reuters, which writes:

World governments are likely to recoil from plans for an ambitious 2015 climate change deal at talks next week, concern over economic growth at least partially eclipsing scientists’ warnings of rising temperatures and water levels. […]

Since 2009, scientists’ warnings have become more strident and new factors have emerged, sometimes dampening the impact of their message that human activity is driving warming. […]. Emerging economies such as China and India, heavily reliant on cheap, high-polluting coal to end poverty, are reluctant to take the lead despite rising emissions and pollution that are choking cities. […]

…many governments, especially in Europe, are concerned that climate policies, such as generous support schemes for solar energy, push up consumer energy bills.”

Nordin concludes: “The old hope that these mega-summits will lead to a binding international agreement is small.”

Renewables Cheerleader Germany Spews More CO2

Lastly, Germany’s flagship daily the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung here writes that despite the hundreds of billions of euros Germany has spent or committed on curbing its CO2 emissions, its emissions of the “climate gas” increased in 2013. Not only are Germany’s efforts very costly, but they are also proving to be completely ineffective. And even if they were effective, Germany’s CO2 reduction would result only in less than a tenth of a degree of reduced warming by 2100. Either way it all represents economic imbecility.

The FAZ writes that Germany’s emissions are expected to be 20 million tonnes more in 2013, a sharp rise of 2%.

The reason for Germany’s failure to combat the supposed climate-warming gas? The FAZ writes: “Foremost the cold winter has driven the consumption of gas upwards. Emissions from greater coal and petroleum consumption have also increased considerably.”

In a nutshell: Cold weather is foiling Germany’s attempts to fight warming! The tremendous nonsense never ends.


7 responses to “Greenpeace Warns Russia! … Hopes For COP 19 Already Fading … Green Cheerleader Germany Spews More CO2”

  1. Henning Nielsen

    “Cold weather is foiling Germany’s attempts to fight warming!”

    This chilling message should be displayed from banners in Warsaw and Paris. So that the world’s politicians can have a good laugh and then come to their senses.

    A brilliant catchphrase!

  2. Casper

    Tomorrow, we will be celebrating our Polish Independence Day in Warsaw, and in the center there will be a huge demonstration (expected about 50.000 participants) of National Radical Camp.

  3. Loodt Pretorius

    The first comment on the GreenPeace article you referred to is maybe worth repeating here:-

    …I only regret one thing that these 30 were not shoot on the spot and drowned in the arctic sea which they love so much. Now we have to deal with all these stupid protests. I think we should immediately throw greenshit out of Russia and arrest all of its employees as supporters of piracy…

    The question it raises is very important. Do you shoot to maim and then let the guys drown, or do you shoot to kill meaning they won’t need to drown as they are dead when they hit the water? Which is the most carbon friendly option?

  4. gary turner

    “The Pope! How many divisions has he got? ” -Joseph Stalin 1935

    “Greenpeace! How many divisions have they got?” -Putin 2013?



  5. mwhite
  6. mwhite

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