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When An Agenda Overrules Science And Engineering

Share this… Facebook Twitter25 Years Ago Challenger 1986 The story of NASA’s (2nd) worst disaster. There was a “consensus” to launch.   They will never be forgotten. Share this… Facebook Twitter

Britons Stop Believing Global Warming Farce

Share this… Facebook TwitterBritons are finally waking up from that global warming spell cast upon them years earlier. Hat Tip Dirk H What happens when the predictions of mountebanks (my favorite word lately) don’t come true, and the opposite happens? People stop believing. That’s what’s happening now in Great Britain. The online Daily Mail reports […]

Planet Earth Facing Real Major Threats: Apophis And Yellowstone

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe chances are real, and both are threatening the planet Earth. Apophis and Yellowstone have been appearing in the media lately. The chances of a catastrophic event occurring in your lifetime are higher than you may think. Apophis Russian astronomers are predicting that the asteroid Apophis could collide with the planet earth […]

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