The EU’s Serial Economy-Killers: 0.002°C For €2.9 Trillion

Physicist Dr. Rainer Link brings our attention to the EU’s new 20/20/20 climate scheme designed to inflict intense pain on citizens with literally zero benefits, read it here at his German blog RL Rational (in German).

This 20/20/20 program aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020, and to increase the share of renewable energy to 20% – all to satisfy the needs of those suffering from rescue-the-planet delusions.

The questions of course are: How much is this EU scheme going to cost? And what are we going to gain from it?

The answers are respectively: a fortune and nothing. Next week Connie Heedegard, EU Climate Commissar, will release more on the costs. But this is no big secret. Last week I posted on this here: 15 Trillion Dollar Self Flagellation.

The $15 trillion dollars is of course will incur only if the madness goes uninterrupted until 2050. But until 2020, Dr. Link writes on how accenture and BARCLAYS Bank introduced a study called: Carbon Capital, Financing The Low Carbon Economy, which details the necessary expected costs needed to reach the 20/20/20 target.

Dr. Link then puts together a cost/benefit analysis of the 20/20/20 EU Climate Requirements and comes up with the numbers, read details here (in German).

Total cost of the reductions up to the year 2020: €2.9 trillion
Total CO2 emissions reduction by 2020: 2.2 billion tonnes

That comes to about €6400 per EU citizen. Dr. Link says although that may sound impressive when taken alone, the sheer stupidity and frivolity of it all becomes clear when you compare it to the CO2 emissions growth from developing countries and the rest of the world: Link writes of the 2.2 biilion tonne reduction:

During this time period it compares to a total global emissions of 320 billion tonnes. The global increase in CO2 emissions of 0.5 billion tonnes per year will wipe out the EU CO2 reduction (which will cost 2.9 trillion euros) in just four years.

Dr. Link then calculates how much of a global theoretical temperature reduction this will lead to. Answer:


It would be much cheaper if the EU just bought everyone an air conditioner. That 0.002°C can neither be measured by a standard home thermometer nor perceived by human senses. All because of two fairy tales: 1) CO2 is leading to climate catastrophe, and 2) Europe can save the planet.

Is there any politican left out there who’s got the spine to stand up to this madness?

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18 responses to “The EU’s Serial Economy-Killers: 0.002°C For €2.9 Trillion”

  1. David Johansson

    The craziness of it all is indescribable….. blowing that much money for nothing while so many of the European states are literally burning up bankrupt.

  2. R. de Haan

    The story doesn’t add up. In fact, the conclusions are totally wrong.
    Here’s why:
    If you invest massive amounts of money in wind farm, (which also need conventional back up power plants), solar power, bio fuels, electric transport and

    CO2 sequestration the effect will be that we will accelerate the use of fossil fuels and resources and therefore we will increase the production of CO2 emissions.

    That dear readers is the reality.

    This is a skeptic blog, so please remain skeptic under all circumstances and don’t copy any hog wash that is published.

    There ‘benefits’ are not zero, the benefits are NEGATIVE.

  3. DirkH

    Greens at the Bundestag pissed off by intermittent power supply (local outage due to construction work) –
    “Ja haben wir denn kein Notstromaggregat??”, twitterte der Grünen-Abgeordnete Hermann Ott.

    Green MP Ott twitters: “Have we no emergency power supply??”

    Grünen-Fraktionschef Jürgen Trittin hat den wahren Schuldigen schon ausgemacht: “Es ist unmöglich, dass der Bundestag über keine Notstromversorgung verfügt, wenn Vattenfall mal wieder Mist baut.” Der Konzern betreibt einige Atomkraftwerke in Deutschland

    Head of Green MPs Trittin knows the true culprit: “It is not bearable that the parliament does not have an emergency power supply when Vattenfall makes a mistake again.” Vattenfall runs several nuclear power plants in Germany.

    (I’d like to add: NONE of them in the East German grid, part of which is Berlin. Trittin lies and he knows it.)

    1. DirkH
    2. Bernd Felsche

      They’d better get used to it. (IIRC, you mentioned this one earlier, Dirk.)

      Risk of blackouts when the generated power from uncontrolled wind power generation cannot be used as quickly as it’s being produced.

      Maybe blackouts across Berlin during high-rating TV shows will send the message to enough voters to make a difference.

  4. R. de Haan

    The Global Warming Hysteria is over, time to return to sanity

  5. R. de Haan
  6. grayman

    Pierre you hit the nail on the head, MADNESS!

  7. R. de Haan

    It’s not madness.

    It’s a deliberate attempt to sabotage and wreck our civilization.

    1. mindert eiting

      Just a few thoughts about this, Ron. If I wanted deliberately wreck our civilization, I would make people mad and scared to death, by using invisible threads like demons and witches. However, everything about our climate can be checked. People may take notice of harsh winters, and scientists can study temperature data. It is almost unbelievable that the whole garbage about unprecedented global warming was not shot down already, but it will be. Physicists will do the same with the CO2 story. I still think that it is madness. Perhaps I am too naive?

      1. DirkH

        It’s an Ersatz religion, Mindert. Malthusians are not analytical – i happen to know some personally and love to mock them. Whatever is their nightmare scenario of the day, they never run the numbers themselves.They simply like to show their pessimism, it is the game they play. Buy and read this book, if you haven’t already.

  8. R. de Haan

    mindert eiting
    9. März 2011 at 00:30 | Permalink | Reply

    Mindert, I have explained the backgrounds why I think the Green EU policies are sabotage cloaked as a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist several times on this blog.

    But I give it another shot.

    1. Carbon Sequestration = 50% additional energy use
    2. Wind Farms are in need of permanent conventional back up power, don’t deliver the calculated power output (only 30%) and accelerate the use of fossil fuels, steel, rare earths.
    In fact, the amount of steel and concrete to build a single wind farm at sea takes all the materials for which we could build 2 nuclear plants with 200 times the power output at base load level.
    3. Solar Panels use fossil fuels to produce.
    The total life cycle of 25 years doesn’t deliver the power it took to produce them.
    4. Bio fuels:
    Bio fuels, currently absorbing 40% of the world’s wheat production (see WUWT) in the USA and Europe introduced by a mandate is responsible for price hikes causing riots all over the world.
    Besides that, the gasoline blended with Ethanol is an inferior fuel.
    It wrecks engines and fuel pumps and dissolves plastic and rubber parts and fuel lines. Besides that it has a limited expiration date (only three months)
    The biggest problem is that alcohol in the fuel attracts and mixes with water. For this problem there is no solution.
    Energy saving lamps: Expensive and poisonous.
    Electric cars: replacing a fuel tank by 200 pounds of precious metals
    is madness and electricity generated by conventional power plants like coal or gas plus the power loss over the grid will result in a doubling of power plants. That is if the electric car is adopted by the public.
    Last month the Chevy Volt sold 281 times and the full electric Nissan Leaf sold only 66 times. You can’t imagine how grateful I am for these sales results. It will take Angela Merkel 1000 years to get her promised 1 million electic cars on the roads in Germany in the year 3015 instead of 2015.

    Because the sum of all these activities:
    A. Accelerate our use of fossil fuels and resources creating huge imbalances in the world steel markets, rare earth production and oil use hiking commodity and oil prices.
    B. Increases the national deficits (by trillions of Euros)
    C. Hikes the power costs and the costs for food, fuel, distribution etc. etc. prices for citizens at the same time reducing their spending power. As a result we are only generating poverty and unemployment.
    D. Reduces the competition power of our industry = negative effect for export
    E. Is financed by tax payer money
    F. Doesn’t deliver the promised results.
    (We increase oil use, commodity use and therefore increase emissions for energy generation that destabilizes the grid and doesn’t deliver
    when power is needed most which is when a high pressure area dominates our region. In summer we need power for cooling in the winter we need power for heating which is zero from wind mills when the wind is not blowing and zero from solar panels when they are covered by snow.

    The entire green junk is sold based on lies and half trues.

    If this isn’t economic sabotage I don’t know what is.

    1. Jimbo

      You forgot to mention that third world countries will also be increasing their co2 output. I bet in 15 years we would not even have dented man-made co2 concentrations in the atmosphere. An utter waste of time, money and resources for a lot of pain and no gain.

  9. Verity Jones


    I have a recent guest post that runs through the numbers. I must admit until Ed first contacted me I had not looked at it this way – it is quite shocking. If you would like to repost any of it please do. Ed would be delighted.

  10. R. de Haan

    9. März 2011 at 19:36 | Permalink | Reply
    You forgot to mention that third world countries will also be increasing their co2 output. I bet in 15 years we would not even have dented man-made co2 concentrations in the atmosphere. An utter waste of time, money and resources for a lot of pain and no gain.

    Jimbo, I couldn’t care less about CO2.
    CO2 is no climate driver at all.

    The point I am making is that EU and US Green policies are SABOTAGE of our economies and trigger famine in those places where people live from 2 US dollar a day or less of course.
    CO2 reduction is their excuse to sabotage our societies.

    I reagard the entire lot of EU apparachiks and their cronies as thieves, traitors and murderers, nothing more, noting less

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