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Green Party Leader Says Germany Consumes Only 80 Gigabytes Of Power At Lunchtime

One reason for all the hysteria throughout Germany, and elsewhere, is because there are people out there who don’t know what they are talking about. Here’s an example: Cem Özdemir, a leader in Germany’s Green Party, said on national ARD television: You know, we know the arguments. The arguments are not that new. At peak […]

IAEA Director General Announces Visit To Japan

There are lots of stories flying about, some quite wild. Here’s what the IAEA Director says. The situation at the Fukushima power plant is very serious. Damage to the cores of the three units, unit 1, units 2 & 3, have been confirmed. There has been no serious change since yesterday. The cores remain uncovered, […]

Fukushima Status From Non-Hysterical Sources. No Reports Of Any Meltdown Or Chernobyl-Type Catastrophe

UPDATE: ========================================================= Indeed, for those of us reading reliable reports, we get the sense that they are slowly gaining the upper hand over the problems. On the other hand, listening to the media report on the Fukushima sitiuation is a bit like listening to a hysterical child who is convinced that he has just seen […]

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