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Fraunhofer Institute Director: “Energy Supply System Must Return Above Ground – Just Like 200 Years Ago”

Der Spiegel has a report here today on what an accelerated shutdown of all 17 German nuclear reactors by 2020 would mean. Germany was spooked by the nuclear disaster in Japan, all fueled by turbo-hysteria from its media. In a knee-jerk reaction, unmatched by no other country in the world, Angela Merkel’s coalition government ordered 7 of […]

Hysteria, Dogma Risk Catapulting Germany Back To The Dark Ages

Progress is not achieved by abandoning development Imagine if the Wright Brothers had abandoned flight after the first mishap, only listening to the voices of fear that heavy objects have no place in the air and that it isn’t possible to eliminate accidents? Imagine if society had abandoned the automobile after the first deadly accident? […]

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