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Robust Science! More Than 30 Contradictory Pairs Of Peer-Reviewed Papers

I get mail, too. Though not very friendly at times. But here’s one from reader Jimbo who delivers quite a neat collection of contradictory reports. No matter if it’s hot-cold, wet-dry, green-brown, windy-calm, bad-nice – its all due to manmade climate change. ===================================================== Hi Pierre Gosselin, The last time you posted the following list on Notrickszone […]

Contrails And Con-Science – In The Service Of Masterplans

Sometimes timing is everything. Yesterday we looked at how a climate scientist is busy making “masterplans” for transforming our society instead of studying the climate.Some people were not happy about my reminder of where this sort of dubious activity can lead. After all, planning societies and claiming absolute truth is not the job of  scientists, especially those […]

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