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Eduardo Zorita: Don’t Fall In Love With Your Models And Lose Sight Of Observations!

Here I don’t mean models like Claudia Schiffer.Hans von Storch’s blog Klimazwiebel here brings up an interview by the University of Hamburg with climate scientist Eduardo Zorita, whose insights I always appreciate. The interview is well worth reading. The following are two parts that stand out for me (emphasis added): Klimazwiebel: What would be your advice for […]

Hiding The Sea Level Decline

Hiding The Sea Level Decline

Portuguese skeptic website Ecotretas sent me the following story about rising sea levels awhile back. Seems the more sea level rise slows down, the more the alarmists claim it is accelerating (Sorry about the poor visual quality of graphics). More hiding the decline by Ecotretas The University of Colorado has done it again! Despite the […]

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