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Cold Claims Over 300 Lives In Eastern Europe - Tens Of Thousands Without Power...Media Pretend It's Warming!

Cold Claims Over 300 Lives In Eastern Europe – Tens Of Thousands Without Power…Media Pretend It’s Warming!

The European media are just too embarrassed about having gotten it completely wrong when it comes to global warming. So they just continue pretending that the cold isn’t really happening. As people are freezing to death all around them this winter, they keep telling themselves (and us) it’s getting warmer! I’ve never witnessed such an astonishingly […]

Are Europe’s Blogs In Danger? European Commission Advisers Propose Stricter Monitoring Of Internet Media

Today’s totalitarian ideas are always disguised as righteous plans to ensure “fairness” and “social justice” and they often start in Europe. Then the US Democrats drool over them and scheme to sneak them into the US. The latest in Europe is to take much more control over the media. German flagship daily the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has […]

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