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Mother Of German Green Weeklies, Die Zeit, Shocks Readers...Now Casts Doubt On Global Warming!

Mother Of German Green Weeklies, Die Zeit, Shocks Readers…Now Casts Doubt On Global Warming!

After a foray in a cult, one of the first steps on the path back to reality is the process of deprogramming. Could it be that this step is now being self-administered by the German mainstream media? It appears so. Harald Martenstein: “…it seems they are allowed to get away with everything.” Photo credit: Lumu, GNU […]

Interview Part 3…WG1 Co-Chair Stocker Exposes His Rank Non-Objectivity / Activism

Here’s the last part of the tough Weltwoche interview with IPCC WG1 Co-Chair Thomas Stocker (see Part 1 here and Part 2 here). INTERVIEW PART 3 Lüning: Next Weltwoche refers Stocker to the natural cycles, which fit well with the 20th century’s overall pattern. The Little Ice Age also was characterized by low solar activity. Weltwoche: There’s a […]

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