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Hans von Storch: “Serious Problem” For Climate Research If Temperature Doesn’t Change In The Next 5 – 6 Years!

The print edition of Spiegel today has an interview with Prof Hans von Storch, the outspoken leading climate scientist often aims criticism at both sides of the climate debate. Not that von Storch is sort of a provocateur, rather he only speaks his mind, which at times for some means a message they’d prefer not to […]

Dice N’ Splice – Curve Designer Stefan Rahmstorf: “We Are Catapulting Ourselves Out Of The Holocene”!

At the SciLogs website, Stefan Rahmstorf of the über-alarmist Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research presents Part III of his Mann-hockey-stick-resurrection series. Here he explains to his German readers how the temperature really developed over the Holocene and why the 20th century is “unique”. To do this, Rahmstorf uses the findings of the already refuted […]

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