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Europe In Shock Over NSA Activity..."Beyond Comprehension...Methods Used By Enemies During The Cold War"

Europe In Shock Over NSA Activity…”Beyond Comprehension…Methods Used By Enemies During The Cold War”

Also read here: Today I’m going off topic to write about an explosive issue – the NSA. Spiegel has uncovered and reported explosive material that for now is only being superficially reported back in the States. Obama, and the free world, have a mega-crisis on their hands. Image source: US Government, NSA website. In Europe, […]

"Dead Aim" Joe Manchin Keeps His Promises...Obama Steps Into The Battle We've All Been Waiting For

“Dead Aim” Joe Manchin Keeps His Promises…Obama Steps Into The Battle We’ve All Been Waiting For

You can always find some good politicians in the opposition parties. For example, Germany’s socialist SPD party, which is no favorite of mine, has had a few good pragmatic politicians who understood their duty of serving the people and not themselves. I liked some of them. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin keeps his promise, takes dead aim at […]

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