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Successful House Climate Hearings...Rep. McKinley: Denying The Poor Affordable Energy Is "An Abuse Of Authority"

Successful House Climate Hearings…Rep. McKinley: Denying The Poor Affordable Energy Is “An Abuse Of Authority”

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Share this…FacebookTwitterThe purpose of the House Climate Change Hearing is to shed light on the question of: How much is man contributing to climate change, and how responsible is Obama’s energy policy? So far the skeptics feel that the hearing has been successful in communicating their case to the public. The office of Rep. David […]

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Paedophilia Scandal Bringing Down German Greens 3 Days Before National Elections!

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Share this…FacebookTwitterThe timing for the scandal just couldn’t be worse for Germany’s third largest political party, the Greens. Only three days before Germany’s national elections, and it is now exploding out of control. This cat is out of the bag, and it’s not about to be put back in and forgotten. The German media, once […]

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