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Bastardi’s / Jung’s Initial Winter Speculation Morphs Into “A Killer 2014-Winter Forecast” – Fear Spreads Across Europe!

I had to laugh reading the French reports I mention below. A few days ago I saw the same kind of stuff in the Russian and Italian media: meteorologists and meteorological institutes forecasting a “killer 100-year 2013/14 winter“. It’s all over Europe. Where does this come from? It seems that meteorologists Joe Bastardi’s and Dominik Jung’s […]

German Daily Die Welt: "Bureaucrats Refuse To Give Up Climate Catastrophe"..."Warming Much Less Than Expected"

German Daily Die Welt: “Bureaucrats Refuse To Give Up Climate Catastrophe”…”Warming Much Less Than Expected”

Veteran journalist Ulli Kulke of the online flagship daily German Die Welt here writes a blog commentary titled: “German Politicians Want To Sex Up Climate Report“. Chart right: Global temps tending downwards since 2007 IPCC AR4. Source: Kulke writes that Germany’s political delegation steadfastly refuses to give up its cherished climate catastrophism. According to Kulke, […]

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