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Watershed...Leading German Business Weekly Declares IPCC Science A Failure: "Time For A New Climate Policy"

Watershed…Leading German Business Weekly Declares IPCC Science A Failure: “Time For A New Climate Policy”

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Share this…FacebookTwitterDieter Dürand and Sven Titz write at Germany’s flagship business weekly Wirtschaftswoche (English: Business Week) that it’s high time for a new climate policy in the wake of the massive IPCC failures. Germany’s “Wirtschaftswoche” publishes unusually harsh article on IPCC science. Fear-driven science is a failure The authors write of scientists using “horror scenarios” to scare […]

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Greenpeace Activists Pawns Of A Gazprom Revenge Plot … Spiegel Warns That Holland Is “Losing Patience”

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Share this…FacebookTwitterUpdated: 20 Oct 2013, 14:30 CET ======================================== New update: Greenpeace tweet from 17 September: “…we’ve got 4 boats in the water heading towards Gazprom’s Arctic rig. We’re going to try and stop the drilling.” ======================================== Online Spiegel today has an analysis by Benjamin Bidder and Christoph Seidler on the motives behind the detention of […]

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