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Russian Tones Turn Harsher – Tough Sentences Looking More Likely For Greenpeace-30 Activists

Share this… Facebook TwitterHaving read the latest on the Greenpeace-30 activists detained by Russian authorities last month, I sense that they probably will be spending a few more years in prison than what some us thought just a couple of days earlier, just after it was announced that piracy charges would be dropped and that […]

EU Plans To Regulate Homes And Society…But Backs Down (For Now) On Mandating Water Savings

Share this… Facebook TwitterOn October 27, I wrote an article about the EU’s plan to ban “energy guzzling” vacuum cleaners, read here. This is all part of a plan by EU bureaucrats dubbed the European Ecodesign Directive, which aims to regulate consumers into radical energy efficiency and low carbon emission lives. Because many of these eco-intrusion schemes […]

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