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Scientists Find That Sea Level Rise Is Much Slower Than Expected…No Human Fingerprint

Share this… Facebook TwitterVeteran journalist Ulli Kulke of the German blog Die Welt has a report claiming that how sea levels are not rising anywhere near as fast as climate science alarmists are claiming. First Kulke reminds readers that measuring sea level is no easy task because, depending on the location, sea levels can vary by […]

Max Planck Institute Study Leaves Forcing Citizens To Sacrfice For The Future As The Only Option Left

Share this… Facebook TwitterA press release by the Max Planck Institute (MPI) describes how a recent study shows that people are not very willing to make sacrifices if the benefits follow only much later in the future. That’s no surprise. Immediate rewards make our brains rejoice and when such a reward beckons we’re happy to behave […]

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